Sometimes Simple is Key To Success- How to create the appropriate authority and context of literature- Discussion

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Do you work hard to get your message across? Are you feeling frustrated that people are not listening?

Me too...but that's life. 


There are many reasons as to why people don't listen, or understand what you are saying, even if you try to explain yourself in great detail.

And that is it...the problem. The 'great detail' can sometimes be a deterrent. Let's put this into perspective shall we.

I am discussing voice, text and the influence of context and authority. Subjects I have been studying this term. Apart from the in depth discussions about the philosophy on these subjects, I have learnt about communication and how we both interpret  and accept information.

I will break this down for your perusal, and thoughts.

The Deliverance of Information


Think about this for a moment. How much does authority effect you? Would you listen more to, say, a priest, a teacher, a policeman, a friend, a parent, a peer etc. Does authority affect how you interpret information?


Information can come in different context, and as such, can affect a perspective. Is text from an historical source, the same as a historian storytelling session? No, because one is historical and one is a literary source. One maybe seen as a 'truth' and another as fanciful. Perspectives are different depending on each individual, authority and context. 

Authority and Context

As an example of the above, your perspective of a situation may be different, depending on the authority you would choose in that context. Would you be willing to understand more from a student, or a professor? Who would you choose as the authority and how would this change your perspective on the context.


Telling a story through voice has the advantage of tone, which you do not get in text. When you think of a tone, which accent, gender and pace is more preferable. Whichever is chosen would be a type of authority. The context would distinguish the perspective of the information delivered.


Text can be written in different formats and styles and although basic grammar rules apply, it is important to note that writing styles can and will always vary. In authority though, would you trust a self published author with advice, when a traditionally published author was available? Is the context of their marketing, backstory and literature any better, or is it a case of the authority taking precedence?

Back to the original thought.

Sometimes simple is the key to success

Moving forward

Sometimes we may over complicate the information we have to offer by trying to fit different ideals of authority, adapting the context to suit our audience. Which is great... if it is believable.

Sometimes we over complicate, trying to fit into something we are not. I have done it. Forcing a blog piece on a subject that didn't interest me, trialing out an audio book in a genre that didn't suit my voice. 

At some point we all do it, most of the time it is trial and error.

Keep it simple, choose the right authority, match it up with the context and then watch it bloom.

Thoughts ?

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