How Do Tattoos Hinder Opportunities in Modern Day?

in philosophy •  7 months ago

This morning I decided to apply for an acting school, in between my uni studies. I have dipped in and out of local theatre for over a decade, and as an opportunity presented itself to me this morning, I did my 5 second rule thing, and hit apply !

However, as I went to pick up my morning brew, I spotted my tattoo; which is plain to see, but it got me thinking about how much a tattoo would hinder any acting opportunitues.


I have another two, but these are easier to cover.
Excuse the little bit of a fat belly, it is smaller than thats a blessing!


This is my arm tattoo that I had done at 16. My friend bought me it as a gift for my birthday. I am reluctant to get rid of the faded piece as it is a reminder of my youth !


As you know, I enjoy writing, but acting is also something I enjoy.

It may also be at a disadvantage to try and do professional acting being in my 40's, but if I don't even try, I will never know.

Back to my original question. How do tattoos hinder opportunities in modern day ?

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I don't think it's as big a deal as it was 20 to 30 years ago as they have become more mainstream. It's the same with piercing, 20 years ago I had to remove all my piercing each day for work where now it's far more acceptable.


I think you are right. I work for myself, so not in touch with the employment ettiquette anymore lol. But my daughter is in a good job, has blue hair numerous tattooes and piercings and she doesn't seem to have a problem.

I would say it depends on the position you are going for... but for acting, we see many a male and female actors garnered in tattoos. It would just depend on the role and the stage managers opinions.


Yes @kyusho I believe you are right, just done a little research on it.