8 Ways To Create Abundance

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8 Ways to Create Abundance

Today I am going to bring in some techniques on a research project I am doing. The project is around manifesting and how we can use alternative practices, divination's and universal laws to bring in positive change.

My numerology number for today is 5, a great dynamic and powerful number by all account. As the date today represents number 8 (the luckiest number in numerology, it would seem) I am using this number as a starting point for my checklist- 8 ways to create abundance.

Since I am fortunate enough to be blessed with health, family, friends and a great work/life balance...I am going for the wealth part of abundance

8 Ways to Create Abundance

  1. Create something specifically for your personality. (I chose to make a green and orange dreamcatcher, (above) with a hanging citrine crystal (good for attracting wealth and abundance- Hey may make a hit on this blog post- Fingers crossed!)
  2. Compile a list of positive things to do immediately (I chose to do a list of writing competitions)
  3. Buy something that represents your wish (I just bought a money plant)
  4. Create an abundance vibe (I have just scented the house with a citrus wax melt- citrus scents are good for wealth!)
  5. Create/or add to a vision board (I have just stuck a few of my old tarot cards in my scrap book- Chariot, Lovers and Star)
  6. Create a list of 8 things to be grateful for (I chose- Happy and healthy family, a good marriage, creativity, published author, good work/life balance, good friends, good home, financial stability.)
  7. Create a future business/goal template (I updated a business plan)
  8. Finally, share what you know with someone else to enhance their lives. (I created this blog!)

Please do comment, drop by for a chat, upvote, resteem or whatever tickles your fancy.

Have a great abundant day!

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And, in general, make sure your overall approach to life is one of focusing on gratitude for what already IS, rather than a focus on what is lacking!

Good plan!


spot on @denmarkguy! Gratitude is key

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Thank you so much and thank you @claybon for the vote ❤️ I'm very humbled!