Just Like A Broomstick, Power Comes Through Unity! (A Philosophical Perspective)

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Dear Fellow Steemians. As we all know, a broomstick is a tool that is very useful for household care. One generally uses it to sweep the house, yard and to clean the dust off of mattresses – these are just a few uses it has. But did you know that a broomstick is not only a handy cleaning tool, it has a philosophical use and meaning to it too!

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How you may ask? Well think about it, if a broomstick was only made up of one bristle or piece of grass, it would be useless and have no effect on our households at all. BUT, because all of the bristle/leaves are joined together, the results are incredible! From a philosophical perspective, this can symbolize the unity and strength of a community.

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For a community to thrive and reach its utmost potential, the people need to unite and cooperate, to work together as one – and move in the same direction! This unity starts with a sense of togetherness, cohesiveness and harmony between the individuals. Just like it is harder to break the bristle of a broom when theyh are joined, so too is it harder to break a community who have united to live and work in harmony.

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There is a proverb that says "united we stand, divided we fall"

As a nation and as a world as a whole, we need to work together like a broom to get rid of impurities and strive towards a happy and thriving humanity. Directly or indirectly, we will always need other people so we can face and live life.

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The same goes for the community! We need to help our fellow Steemians to reach their goals on the platform. We can share our knowledge, assist where we can and welcome newcomers. Let’s help each other progress on this platform! A warm and harmonious family atmosphere can enhance the spirit and cohesiveness of fellow Steemians, one heart and one soul, just like the broomstick philosophy.

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"From small bundles tied together, comes unity and strength."

Hopefully this little philosophical piece will act as a reminder of how we all need to work together and that no man stands alone.

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Woow what an inspirative post that ever I read on your blog. I think you are one of brilliant philoshoper in the world. You see what the other people did not see on an object. Talking about unity, I do agree with you. Unity is the essential thing that must we have in this country. By unity spirit we will catch all of our dream together, by unity we will strong, by unity we will take control the world. We have to teach our children to stay life in unity, giving respect eachother and giving the hospitality to all people. I remember one term in Indonesia, that is "gotong royong". That word will not find in other country, it was only in Indonesia. Gotong royong is represented of characters of Indonesian peoples, who living in unity..

Thank you @ faisalimmer .many people now forget about the mwaning of unit. So,I try to compare with broomstick as a good philosofi. If one stick to sweep rabbish, i think that ia imposible. Si, we need a grup of broomstick so rabbish can be swept .....

The only source of knowledge is experience.

- Albert Einstein

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You are welcome @sweetpea. I hope you feel happy with my explanation, especially about broomstick. That is a real condition that i face right now...

wow nice power...............