The “Zero Lie” Challenge!

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Today is August 26, 2018. And it is nearly midnight of the 27th!

Have you ever made a log of every single time you told a lie?

I’ve paid a lot of attention to this lately. No matter what type of lie it is, whether a white lie, some innocent lie, a lie to protect someone, ANY FORM OF NON TRUTH, I have been sure to log it.

Because my most recent personal goal is to absolutely not lie at all. I am doing this to face and resolve any fears of information I am reluctant to say, and I am doing this to not allow myself to cover up emotions that I do not want to face. I’m learning a lot from this process, and it is working beautifully.

I’ve documented every lie! Here are the last 4 lies...with the most recent being almost an entire week ago! Enjoy!

  • 8/20- told a professional that I saw a receipt that I didn’t see. I felt the need to give extra info... felt uncomfortable.
  • 8/19- told waitress I was “basically upper management for a corporation”. Although I did not want to talk much about what I did, you could argue that I am not involved in “upper management” lol.
  • 8/16- told Jasmine I was picking up phone for an investor! I felt pretty bad and texted her right away to let her know this was not the case.
  • 8/11- Business lie.

Thank you! :)

It is my wish to serve you with these words.

Some info about me: I've been involved with Bitcoin since 2010. By trade I am an expert on blockchain technology. I am the Project Director for Wall of Coins, and CEO for Genitrust, Inc. I eat primarily fruits and leafy greens ("fruitarian"). This is known as a frugivorous diet, which is the diet by design of the human species and most primates. I don't cook my fruits, so you may also call this "raw vegan". I have eaten virtually every food item and major cultural style on this planet. I have experienced long periods of many different diet regimens: acid/alkaline, ketogenic, vegan, etc. In my spare time as a child, and an adult, I truly relished reading articles, books, and research papers on nutritional observation. I also enjoy and frequently practice long periods of juice fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting.

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Robert Genito
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I have never thought of practicing this. I think it would be valuable for me too.


Ya man I’m majorly enjoying it. What inspired me was AJ Miller’s answer in an interview where someone asked him, “do you ever lie?”

And his response was, “No.”

The interviewer was curious, and he gave more info to his answer that I found to be very inspiring. When I run into that video, I pray that I remember to post it in response here for you! :)

I did not make a record exactly but at some point I decided to stop lying, and we all know that it is very difficult to avoid and at the time I ignore all that and followed my life as it was before Hahaha but go that your lies hahaha are not so serious Although as you say lies is a lie, I will try to avoid them from now on greetings :)


Hehe :) well, those lies still helped me “avoid” a feeling that would’ve been more useful for me to have dealt with :D


I'm very happy about that.

Hello, my dear friend? wow is awesome, I had never thought about it maybe sound a bit crazy to have a record of all the lies we say daily but it could work to go working on that and so decrease more and more those things not so true that we say from time to time. We have all told lies sometimes of our lives perhaps some people more constant than others but all without exception we have lied at some time. I really love the idea of ​​registration in order to improve our failures and look good not so much with other people but with ourselves, knowing that every time we lie we remain as something in the consciousness that makes you remember that what you said was not true . excellent initiative friend, thanks for sharing it with us. A big hug.

Wooww interesting friend is good to recognize this and at the same time funny, we always miss one of these either white, for next I'll be on the lookout and I'll do this practice like you.


Share your log with the world, too! :D make the log more detailed than what I have shared :D

Good exercise friend help us to improve, many of the times we miss a white lie, is done to avoid offenses and maintain harmony, not to leave other people wrong, among others. Enchanted with your content.


I disagree that any lie is done “to avoid offense”; it’s fundamentally done to prevent yourself from having to FEEL as a consequence. And “feeling” is something I want to do more of :D

good post interesting friend I try not to lie hate the lies have short legs, at least it is a white lie so as not to have any problem with anyone, but the truth lies do not bring anything good there are always problems by a simple lie

Hello friend, I hope you are well and you are having a nice day, the lies are part of human beings or good, that's how I see it, because there comes a point where you lie without realizing it and it's there when you see that is already part of you no matter how hard you try to avoid it will always be difficult but not impossible, just as you say friend despite trying not to lie you said three lies did not cause any harm but in the end they are lies, I really want to try to feel as good as you and that's why I will not let this opportunity go by to try to avoid false things and follow a much calmer life.