Supervise your Children — Inner Child

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“Please supervise your children, and if you do not have children, supervise your inner child.” Just heard this and LOVE it 😂🤣

Thank you! :)

It is my wish to serve you with these words.

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Hi, my best regards is to create a healthy lifestyle, prevent diseases or accidents and stop any situation early, as well as get the help needed to save a child's life.

Children always have the tendency of going weird any time, they needed to be supervised in order to keep maintaining quality behavior at every time... Haha haha...

It is essential to monitor what the children do with their mobile phone, but with the objective of teaching. give children more security, which allows immediate contact with mom or dad in the case of accident, illness and even an exit before school, but there is cyberbullying, pornography and sexual messages

Train up a child how he should go so that when he grows up he may not depart from the lessons he learnt while still a child.

I don't have children, therefore i take up the other option of training up the child in me. With the knowledge that what i do today has an indirect impact on the still invisible child in me.

Thanks so much @robertgenito for the great advise.

hahaha above all, thats the one who needs most supervision. We grow old, but its good that he stays young ;)

Hello friend, excellent today's topic to hear different opinions on the subject, I think that the welfare of children should be guaranteed by parents, security in the home and create a friendly space in which you can explore and develop your motor skills without face greater dangers. Without exaggerating the care of children or inhibit their development, it is important to take preventive measures and put them into practice in our days.

It is a great friend since there are many parents who are very confident that their children are doing things well, but in the stage of adolescence and children always invents a lot, supervision is important but also trust in them to so you can be your confidant.

He supervises his behavior, his health, the play area, his friends and everything that is in his environment for his better development. Regards....

Hello friend, you are very right to take care of our children, it is our duty as parents, but it is very important to supervise both children and teenagers when they are on social networks. When children are not so old sometimes you can not control their conversations and their messages but it would be good to ask them who they are with and who their contacts are. When they are small it is good to supervise their profile, it is the best way to avoid a problem that can become more complicated without this measure

Hello, wonderful day for you !!

Children are our most precious treasure, we have the duty to take care of them, protect them, educate them and guide them through the best path, so that they can be good people and play a good role in life.

Today there are many factors that intervene in the proper development we want for our children, such as social networks, have content not acts for them such as, for example, the blue whale:
The blue whale is a game known in the world because it offers participants 50 challenges to meet (one per day). Teenagers receive messages on their phone or on Facebook profiles to join closed groups and be able to participate in the game, proposing very bad things for children. Another factor is cell phones, what they can investigate, or in their contacts that usually have other ideas not appropriate for them.
In conclusion we must be at all times aware of our children, and give them security to always be present in their decisions, and all these tips also practice them ourselves, because in our interior we are also children.


Hello friend, how are you doing? You have every reason to children we should not only supervise them, we should take care of them and protect them at all times. thank you for sharing this post with us, greetings I hope you have an excelete day ... !!!

Hello Friend how are you? Supervision of children of internal children is extremely important, since today's society is much more up to date technology is very advanced and that causes children to be very close to them, the first thing would be that parents are pending of them and of anything they do to avoid any kind of problems, as well as they have to be aware of their food and try to show that eating meat is not healthy, so control carnivores greetings :D

Hello friend, very important and delicate issue for the development of our children, we must always observe their gestures and attitudes to be able to act in the best way when they need it, and give them the best example in their growth. And at the same time self-study ourselves, since many times the consequences are the cause of ourselves. regards

Totally true friend @robertgenito we all have inside the boy or girl that one day we went and of course we must take care of both emotionally and for a high and healthy self-esteem and I think that healthy is to let our inner child be spontaneous, adulthood he also needs to take out that funny part from time to time.

So my friend, it is always important to supervise both young children and our inner child, taking into account that from time to time we release that inner child that every person wears in his body, even if they are 90 years old, there will always be in him. a naughty little boy.

talking about the issue of supervision of children we can touch many points on that, since at that stage is where the person experiences all types of experiences and that currently all children have access to the internet and any type of web pages and this lends a lot so that the infant can have different tastes, attractions and also sensations that make him do things that are undue.

It is important that all parents have enough confidence with their children and can tell them in good time what are the good things and the bad things, giving them a good sex education, manners, values ​​and others.

Adults who have children can re-entertain their inner child when they play with them, who has not heard that "the father likes video games more than the son ...". In contrast, adults without children, are more repressed when doing things of childhood. Good subject friend