Raccoon climbing race

in philosophy •  2 years ago 

Hello friend steemit, I want to tell you about the race of areca nut made in my village.

Usually this race is held as the peak event of various races. This competition often makes the audience laugh. Players who have reached a certain height should fall back down. They tried to repeatedly reach the prize at the end of the pole stem with oil and oil.

To reach the top, they must work together, working hand in hand with each other, this game's philosophy is the unity of the village component to achieve a togetherness in a village.

I am very glad to see this race, because this race is very fun and funny to see, thanks pak village head who has made this race, with this race the villagers are very happy for the understanding of father, hope in the future the father can make a unique race again , hehe.

So many of my stories may the friends of steemit love to read my story, thank you.

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