The ideology of life ~ Success of self-struggle

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There is a distinction between success achieved by self-struggle and success carved through family inheritance.
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that is, the survival and success of that success.

With the success that we strive for ourselves, we will feel for ourselves how the results of hard work, be patient in building success itself, where in building success we will enjoy the experiences very difficult first, so with hard work and patient, it will begin to make us rise to advance from the small effort gradually into a great effort.

If the success we achieve from the family heritage, of course we will not feel the slowness of experience and difficulty in hard work and patience in struggling. Because we only accept that success from inheritance, to be managed well, not fight from zero or from the lowest level.

Thus we should not be jealous of those who are alive, what they receive is not necessarily the result of struggling on their own.

Striving for success starting with oneself is

the ideology of life.


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