How Vegeta became Super Saiyan/The death of "Will to Live"

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The universe is a manifestation of "Will". The world we see around us is manifested by the "Will" of all the life on this planet. Humans exhibit greatest "Will" out of all the animals. Our "Will" turns to thought, our thoughts turns to action, and thus through actions our "Will" manifests in the world, and creates the world.

Our "Will" is an ancestral one rooted in survival. "The Will to Live". It is this constant desire/will that drives us to do one thing, and then another, and then onto the next, never satiated and never satisfied for long.
It is this driver that pushes us to do things, but also this driver that creates the cycle of endless despair and suffering (Dukkha).
Our "Will to Live" is our greatest despair. Our "Will to Live" is the shackles which enslaves us (Samudaya). We follow it through the day like the following of a bright lamp in the dark.
The ending/death of our "Will to Live" (Nirodha) is the theoretical framework for achieving enlightenment. The Buddha set out the eight-fold path to achieve this.

One who achieves death of "Will to Live" is no longer led through the day by their "Will to Live" like the following of a bright lamp in the dark. Instead those who achieve death of "Will to Live" are led through the day by the light of the sun.

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Nice post. I like the concept of super saiyan being compared/understood as sudden enlightenment in the Zen Buddhist sense. Would love it to be unpacked more.