"Live to Give" is to Flip the Script on The Prophets for Profit - Become Pro Fit for RealZ

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The Whore is the Hoarder - and it's not an exact reference to Fucking - but it is a reference to Fucking Around...Internally...if you know what I mean...

When we Hoard our Insides...Our Internal Realities...we fucking fuck everything up - quite literally - it's a a real quagmire.

My initial approach was to just shut down my inner realities and keep quiet about them...I had a real problem with Sharing...to the extent to which I 'Experienced a Real Burden To Share' - like expectations...and follow up sharing's and further questions and explanations - Giving for me became like this really shitty thing...and it's interesting because deep down i reallly liked it...but it challenged my "control states" and so i became a "Sheister" ...'Justifying being a 'fighter' like everyone else...that you just bascially got to be a 'dick, asshole, or pussy'...and that's that.

Fortunately our expression and character is not limited to the role of 'dick, asshole, or pussy'....though i do suggest you START here and simplify your life by asking yourself whenever you are in need of support - "Am i existing as a 'Dick, Asshole or Pussy'?!

The Movie Team America gets Credit for Opening my Eyes to the questioning perspective of there being only 3 different classifications of Human - Dick's, Assholes, and Pussies.

I've expanded my Outlook to 4 - the Unified Man is Everything Man - Meaning a Real Dick, A Real Asshole and a Real Pussy -




If You've Reacted in any way - Mother Fucking Check Yourself - You're likely in a state of "PUSSY CONTROL"

Or maybe You're in a State of "DICK HEAD"...

Or Perhaps You Don't REALIZE what an ASSHOLE Your Are.

When You say you so are NOT- Chances are - You so are.


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