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There is a fine, silver lining between being a grown human being and being a mere child. Jealousy is one of those parts of this slippery lining.

We all know these kinds of feelings, especially when it comes to people we hold in our minds most dearly. The thing is though, how do we cope when confronted with the classic “jealousy” of the monkey mind, that makes us want to flip out and be the worst version of ourselves?
For me personally, this jealousy thing is a reoccurring theme. I had it with girls, with friends, with family members. Isn’t it the most unusable perk of our minds? What can possibly be the good use of this? Maybe we should take it as a test of some kind, a challenge that when conquered, makes us a better person in the end.

Let’s take girls as a perfect example of this. Earlier in my life and the few relationships that I had, jealousy was the number one thing that ruined stuff for me. The ego trippin was just too strong, always.

Nowadays, I try to work on this in a way, where I look at myself and those precious people, and I try to think about it from the outside perspective and in a real, honest way ask myself whether or not I want those people to be happy - even if that means I will not be around, or be the catalyst of that happiness. And the answer is yes, I fckin want them to be happy.

So, in a sense, there is a choice that we all have to make one day or another – do you want to be a grown-up child, or do you want to become a higher, parental-like figure? Because, if you maximize your potential, there is only so much you can do for yourself – a moment comes when you realize, that serving others always means more, than serving only and solely yourself.

It is a mindfuck, a daily battle, a constant enemy that you kill over and over, and it always slowly reincarnates, creeps up on you and swings at you when you least expect it. If you let it, you become your own enemy.

I know it’s hard sometimes, but try to take an outside perspective, my friends. Look at all that shit in an honest way and pick the picture you want to see happening – then go and act upon it.

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I think every human characteristic has some use, including jealousy. Maybe it drives people in a way to improve themselves in order to get that thing/person they desire? In any case, it must have served a purpose for our ancestors, and even though the world has changed, our instincts have not. Thanks for the 'food for thought' post.

Thanks man; yea I agree it's a work in progress. Good to hear it sparked something, cya around