**The stones, pebbles and sand of life**: Important's Of Life.


Hello fellow steemit friends, **my first philosophy blogs .

A professor of philosophy entered the class with a few things. When the class started, he took a large empty glass jar and started filling it with big pieces of stone.
Then he asked the students whether the jar is full? And all said "yes"

Then the professor took a box full of small pebbles and started filling them in the jar. When the jar moves slightly, these pebbles become settled between the stones Once again he asked the students whether the jar is full. ?
And everyone answered, "yes".

Then the professor took out a sand box and started pouring the sand out into it. The sand also filled the remaining space. And once again he asked whether the jar is full ?

And all responded together, "yes"

Then the professor began to explain, "I want you to understand that this jar represents your life. Large stones are the essential things of your life - your family, your partner, your health, your children - such things that if you lose all your other things and even if you live only then your life will be full.

These pebbles are some other things that matter - like your job, your house, etc.

And this sand shows all the little things.

If you fill the jar with sand first then there will be no space for the pebbles and stones. This happens with your life. If you put all your time and energy in small things then you will never have time to do things that are important to you. Take care of things that are important for your happiness. Play with children, dance with your partner. To go to work, to clean the house, to give a party, there will always be time. But first look at the stones - things that really matter.


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