"The Binary State" a short tale to snatch you off some laughter & continual steemit reflections.

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Talking about human 'evolution' and following the topic of my first introductory post yesterday. Let's share today a little tale to amuse your intellect with something to think about for a little while.


I am well aware this post will end up buried deep down into the steemit's abyssal zone of this ocean of daily posts from everywhere by everyone. Therefore, I'm afraid this article is going to be dedicated just to a few Steemit Cachalots and a bunch of daredevil steemians with a good scuba diving suit and a humongous aqualung with plenty oxygen willing to dive deep and find those rare pearls that usually lie at the streaming bottom.

"Guffaws, Chuckles, Giggles, Smiles, Comments & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

With nothing more to add.. ¡Enjoy!

"The Binary State"

The Buddy.- Holy cow ¡jimmy!... ¿How are you pal? Long time no see you..

Jimmy.- Cool bro.. traveling.. you know?!!

Voice.- Jimmy, Jimmy...

The Buddy.- How comes.. traveling?

Jimmy.- Yes, traveling through the biggest and most unexplored land in existence... inside myself.

The Buddy.- ¿What? say again, how's the fuxk?

Jimmy.- ¿Have you noticed and are you aware of the big difference between comprehend, understand and feel?

The Buddy.- ¿Huh? oh crap, you must be smoking a shit pretty weird lately bro...

Voice.- Jimmy, Jimmyyy

Jimmy.- No, no! I mean, did you never realized that human beings during centuries has always been condemned of using exclusively the language for their communications.

The Buddy.- Well, nope. Not exactly... !?!?

Jimmy.- Human beings are essentially visual & auditory animals only and practically have been gradually losing the sharpness and sensitivity in the use of their most primitive senses, like taste, touch and specially the sense of smell.

The Buddy.- ¿The sense of smell? ¿¡!? ¿What do you mean? that old malarkey about pheromones and all that shit?

Jimmy.- Haven't you noted how all the dogs sniff each other their asses to know who is who?

Voice.- Jimmyyyyyy...

The Buddy.- Damn! so, ¿¡!? should we sniff each other asses too?

Jimmy.- No silly, I mean.. when you use the language to communicate, you're always at risk of being misunderstood or misinterpreted.

The Buddy.- Ah ok, I get it now. That thang about the Babel Tower and such.. ¿right? ok, go on..

Jimmy.- As humans, being us supposedly a more evolved species, we should feel more each other. This is what I call "The Binary State" where everything is just Yes or No, I mean, you feel it or you don't. There are no double messages, there is no ambiguity, this is something like when you fall in love, especially during the first few days.

The Buddy.- Urmph!! ¡Explain better yourself!

Jimmy.- Throughout the very early days everything is pure eye contact, feeling, touching, kissing, smell each other.. You don't need to talk shit and in fact you feel like you know it all.. You are actually communicating each other!!

The Buddy.- Hehehe, I think I'm starting to catch the thing..

Voice.- Jiiiimmmmyyyyyy

Jimmy.- ¡Crap! ¿Do you hear like a voice calling me?

The Buddy.- ¡No! go on, tell me more!!

Jimmy.- Well, I think all this is leading us to the necessary use of telepathy in the not too distant future. ¿Haven't you noticed as we have always painted the advanced civilizations using it?

The Buddy.- Lol, ¡Star Trek all the way! ¿huh?

Jimmy.- In fact, human beings today are accustomed to only use, understand and comprehend various types of languages; the spoken, the written, gestural, visual... and they all suffer from the same problem; ALL MUST BE ¡INTERPRETED!.

The Buddy.- ¿And then?

Jimmy.- We will always be at risk of being misunderstood, misinterpreted and most of the time no matter how hard you try or you huff and puff to find the right word or the most appropriate phrase .. Zaz! looks like you will be unable to communicate properly and thoroughly.

The Buddy.- Hahaha, yeah, specially as to win conquering a chick out there and take her into bed.

Jimmy.- We should use a language more based on sensations and perceptions, not codes, schemes, symbols or concepts that if your partner on turn does not know or can't handle.. well, we are screwed and can not communicate a single shit.

Voice.- Jiiiimmmmyyyyyy ¡¡for God's sake!! JIIIMMMYYYYY!!

Jimmy.- ¡CRAP CRAP CRAP! ¿Are you sure you are not hearing like a voice calling me?

The Buddy.- ¡Hey! ¡HEY! Jimmy.. ¿what's going on? ..you are.. like vanishing!...


Jimmy.- ¿What's up mom?

Voice.- ¡HOLY SHIT! dammit!! I have over a fucking hour yelling to you to get you up from bed. You fool!!

Jimmy.- Well mom, it simply was I was dreaming that I was making myself understood.

Voice.- WTF Jimmy.. ¡Wadda Pair Of Balls! You always with your bullshit absurdity!!!

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Lol. What a pattern interrupt!! 😁

Indeed! nobody got pregnant after the whole story. 😁

Nice conversation and message.

Thank you very much @uziriel glad you like it. You are very welcome and I celebrate your patience to read the whole tale to get the 'hidden' message. LoL

nice post! !~ :D good pics!

Oh thank you mate. Glad you like it. Expect a bunch of posts like this sooner than later. I am just warming up and starting to roll my wheelbarrow of frolicsome witticism. :)

+1 Cool sht bro !
Following !

Thank you compañero!! Really glad you like it. And cool-ass animated gif which curiously I am also very familiar with and used it plenty times as well before to show my usually outcast appreciation. Now get ready, because the following will be mutual. LoL

I got this from one of your post on the net, lol, thought you would dig it !

#rotlmfao You got me then. I knew and was wondering about that coincidence twice. Since such unusual coincidences doesn't occur so often in my endeavors online. Haha, very glad I could pinch and poke your curiosity beyond all measures to throttle you all the way down to find a big part of my entire nonsense history online. ¡Thank you! of course I dig it. :)

: )