Time is now

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The word matter represents something physically real, that I can see and feel, and 99% are unaware that this moment of now is the only time that has matter. Being aware of now, with disregard for any other perception of time, is being 1%.











Some people just know how to take things extraordinary. I love the dining area and the writings on the wall.

Be in the NOW!

Firstly the house is simply superb.You can surely enjoy your life here.Secondly i think the moto of life should be it's now or never.No one knows about the future so whatever you have to do do it now,this is the moment really matters to human.Stop thinking about the uncertain period.Thanks for sharing such post.

Now is now. There is nothing but now... This, right here, is all there is, time is now..

Woww some impressive photos. Quality pictures. Matter is what you physically see and do and has some influence on you and if it is positive then it does really matter.

You are the time and i am the believer

Amazing photography! Love this post!

What u see is the reality, what mind sees is the possibility, keep them both you will see a better world, we see your photography though ;)

time is precious, time is pearl, time waits for none, if you want to do something, do it now that gives you 100%...

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.
Photoshoot is simply awesome

I agree with your consep. any way what a great house! i like this house very much. best desigining best decoration & lovely art your house. that's why all pictutes are very nice. i wish i get a house like that!

Now now and now,now is the moment you have to laugh laugh now,you should cry cry now,you have to love love now just as simple as that.@upvoted and resteemed

Great pictures

If we can live with now,then our life is going to be changed for sure.Thank you for this kinds of post.@resteemed

The furniture is very nice and harmonious, what you say makes a lot of sense about time.

Living in home like that with family will be so comfortable just like living in paradise.

all images are very good

The this is the right time to do anything. Though no time is late

oh my god! This is house or palace?
I think its a palace

This is beautiful, the image that carries message on love, family, grace and hugs left me with an ethereal feeling after going through it. If this is wht 'now' is all about, then permit me to say that 'now' is the best moment. Thank you for sharing.

I want this! can you tell me please, where i get this?

Exactly now word has very importance in our life, just matter on yourself how to use this word.
Very Pretty cool photo's ^^

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wow! this is very beautiful house and it seems like my dream house because I also want a house like this,

thanks for sharing

Nothing is real ever, because "real" implies a steady state, hence is changeless. If our perception can change so easily, and with it our entire world view, then nothing can be ultimately real.

So, neither are my words written here real nor am I. But that doesn't MATTER!

The more aware you are the more you can profit from the present time..

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

Absolutely... Your thoughts depict wisdom man... Awesome photography

I see luxurious life here....

excellent photos ... greetings!

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Time is running very fast, if you want to do something it's the now, you need to do something, otherwise time will be gone.

yeah right you are
i think now is now

Wao the photos are very amazings! Nice job. Regards.

Time takes everything, whether you want it or not. By the way, what a beautiful place, I would be immensely happy living in such a place, peace and harmony is transmitted only with the photographs

Perceiver of now is beeing perceived