Secret to success

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The greatest success comes by surprise, not predicament, force, or greed. Having a plan is being afraid to succeed.










calculated risk is a risky method :)

Love the last line

YES! Your statement is just in sync with my article "The perfect plan has no plan"!

I love the last line.....

Having a plan is being afraid to succeed.

This is contrary to popular belief, people think that not having a plan is rather synonymous with failure. However, I'm not disputing the popular belief but I like it when sth is different from the norm, I like it when sth does not really have to obey the status quo.
This is thought provoking and possible to does who believe it is. Well done @pinacle for challenging our thoughts

Its true philosophy and phtography

nice bungalow within the nature

Its beautiful photography.

There is no short cut to success. Hard work and being brave will give you success.Nice photography.

This isn't philosophy. It reeks of pseudo-intellectualism, a quote so vague it can mean anything to anyone.

thaanks for your great post about secret of success..
nice photography, nice presentation.
@upvote & @resteem has done...

Success is a combination of few things.Taking the right decision in the right moment,hard work and unstoppable mentality all this things make you successful. @upvoted and resteemed

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