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Addiction to past stories, and fear of future events, is the ultimate distraction from this moment right now, the only true time there is.











Beautiful houses.

Time is an illusion. A thought-made construct. There has never been any past or future. Only this moment, and only here lies 100% power of creation. The more thought attachment we have to the past or future the less creative leverage in this moment. So stop thinking.

Addiction to past stories, and fear of future events, is the ultimate distraction from this moment right now, the only true time there is.

This is so very true.

This is so true indeed.

@pinacle The guy driving the cart thinks he is amazing because the sign points at him and says "Model"

focusing on the future causes anxiety and focusing on the past causes depression, nice neighborhood.

Always trying to live, in the moments. Sometimes can, sometimes can,t.

Are you trying to say don,t worry about the past or the future, just enjoy the present moment.
If i wrong, please describe it .

we always live in fear of future
that destroys our present!

Wow, look, the house is very beautiful, a big, a lot, a little too hot

nice shots! @pinacle
The yellow painted house is very beautiful. Everywhere is orderly and architecture is great.

dont care about past and future !enjoy life right now

Gorgeous photography @pinacle
A candle doesn’t loose its light, by enlightening another candle.

I think forgetting the past and living in the present is the trick. I love your house by the way.

clear friend, the past past, the future we will see, the important thing is the present!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! kisses friend!!
the only real thing is now! =)

wow I love those pictures, great neighborhood ... Greetings friend!

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“You should be thankful for the journey of life. You only make this journey once in your life time.” by Lailah Gifty Akita... Greetings @pinacle

Live in the moment or don't live at all

Addiction is never good no matter what it you may be addicted to

If one starts living in the present not thinking about the past not caring about the future he for sure will succeed in the future also as living present day is best way you can go.

where is the creativity? ˆˆ

Past failures can be hinderance to chances of present successes when we choose to give up on trying. I have ever invested in online opportunities before that are not cryptocurrencies and lost money. I stopped for a long time until last year dec when I tried crypto followed by joining steemit as well. Now most of my focus beside my day job is on steemit actually. I should not let my past hinders the present when there could be possibility of successes in steemit. I really hope for steemit to be around and continue to grow many years down the road that we can pass down even to our children. Let us move forward and seize the opportunities and believe in miracles. Thanks for sharing your daily revelations!

I'm so happy to see this amazing photo!

Good posting. I like it..

All the houses are the same. Only the colors are different. Which is your house. @pinacle

So it's best to focus on present than focusing on the future that brings fears!
You've got crystal clear photographs up there @pinacle.

awesome photography.
Beautiful house and tree.

Time right now makes sense only in relation to past and future. There cannot be a 'now' which you count as the only true time without a memory of the past and anticipation or hope for the future. How the 'now' is lived is determined by past stories and the thought for tomorrow.

It is in the nature of man to reflect on the past and think of the future because he knows of death. For this reason, he consciously reflect on the past so as not to repeat mistake of the past and with the future in view, he makes good decisions and choices.

Someone had posited that if history is not known, one is bound to repeat them.

Past stories and future are what gives now a meaning. They are therefore not a distraction but a ladder or means of knowing the now.

"Past is history, Future is a mystery. Live now because it's PRESENT"

The present is all we have




Great view , such a nice weather and nice environment refresh mind ☺

Wow.. very beautiful house and your drowing plan is very great sir.....@pinacle

This Good Philosophy...
I like This Content 😊😊😊

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I like your [email protected] pinacle......... Nature is an untamable force. Greetings, friend!

Wonderfull place and buildings ...

After seeing this post I feel its not 2018,its 2100...

I like the houses @pinacle :P

Of course, a lot of people hang on to the glories of the past days as though it is their present day. This turns to what you just term addiction to past stories. If anyone is willing to move forward, then he should be willing to let go of the past and live in the moments.

Great shots and beautiful buildings.

Sweet house andcar

nice house and photos

that is right,, nothing to be complain.. the key is greatful of what we are now, what we have now enjoy it right now use the in appropriate way will make you happy..

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I don't know if I agree. yes 'now' may seem to be the only true reality if we only view things in the moment. We are all a summation of our past whether bad or good and forgetting our past actions can lead to catastrophe.

Past mistakes have to be dealt with and learn from. The future has to be clearly defined and plans put in place to achieve it. Then you can enjoy the present moment without regretting the past or worrying about the future.

wow what nice picture