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At the highest or deepest level in the study of quantum physics, is when scientists say, fuck this, I quit.






I waited patiently in the back yard for this beautiful sunset.


When you break solid matter down into smaller and smaller portions, there is nothing solid or physical left except invisible energy.

I believe that's what you were getting at when you said scientists quit @pinacle.

yes indeed

Wow amazing photography 😍 which camera you used ?

Haha...when no one has quit anything, it means they're yet to face something serious.
The deepest level of quantum physics woul then only be quits.
Cool sunset pictures you have there.

physics is insane... A guy who know physics is i bet u r the happiest guy on the planet

This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Werner Heisenberg:

"Only a few know, how much one must know, to know how little one knows."

Beautiful pics BTW.

At the highest or deepest level in the study of quantum physics, is when scientists say, fuck this, I quit.

I have seen people who left it the moment they hear the name.....#friends

Theology, philosophy, metaphysics, and quantum physics are merely ways for God to have his smart people believe in him...

Yup...that is right ....are we that smart..🤔

i aint any fool tho!

Good for you....

Yaed china yiwaan..

since quantum physics tells us things change when we observe them, what dose that mean for a sunset like this ? did you view it into existence? Great shots!

The view of sun is incridble . I totally agree with u. I believe in metaphysics. The laws of physics like quantum theory or theory of relativity may hold good for a while but ultimately we have seen ever theory gets violated after decades. But metaphysics is something that is all your belief. No one could challenge u on real grounds.

Very nice photos, the other day I could see part of your work What type of camera do you use?

android galaxy s8

It looks like you used a real camera. Amazing!

Great sunset picture
This is a picture of the sunset in the
middle of Marzouka desert in Morocco

Amazing sunest images i like it 😍😍

I took this photo ina Rabat calital of my country


amazing shots, wonderful golden sunset. love it.

wooow amazing photography especally layers around the sun are so nice and amazing you have really a great mind to shoot this keep it up

The sunset is really awesome, well I loved the words too, hahha, quite funny.

@pinacle Great coincidence . I also picked up a picture of sunset. There is a similarity between the pictures

Sun set is my favorite and rainbow is second
Awesome click, nice view

Haha hilarious because they know, there is no way God can be defeated ;)

Amazing pictures and very professional shot
Sunset is amazing view thanks @piancle

sunrise and sunset are the two beautiful times in which I love to look at the sky.

nice you got the most beuatiful sunset photo ive seen

@Pinacle Beautiful, the moon was amazing last night too. Did you get to see it?

Beautiful pictures..
Taking pictures of sunset is awesome

@pinacle, Very beautiful I'm fall in love with these Image.I can't describe beauty by words. Just I feel its beauty from my heart. This picture is better than better. Perfect Click without any doubt.
Capturing nature in all its glory of own creativity. Travel photography is a genre of photography that may involve the documentation of an area's landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. You have a great theoretical knowledge and experience about to make good photography as well as creative perspectives. Your creative perspectives really impressed me. Because without creative perspectives it is not possible to capture this types of glamorous Sunset photography.

A very inspiring view of the sun is absent and is loaded with events of the day 😍

Beautiful amazing @pinacle l like

Amazing shot

Greetings from Xilitla

To get the best you have to be patient and give it your time. Its indeed beautiful.

Woow beautiful amazing photography picture @pinacle very nice l like good lucky.

Lol 😂, this scared students

Physics is weird. There is no denying that!

When it goes over your head its better to leave it. Anyways even if you have waited to watch such a scenic sunset you must have felt utmost happiness after watching it.

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The scenery is a beautiful sunset, you really really enjoy the scenery of nature is so fascinating.
Thank you for sharing and I really like it brother

Wow! They look so naturally beautiful

I love taking photos of sunsets too! Sunset has a way of calming me. Stunning photo!

This is amazing sunset picture.i love your photography.

very nice sunset pictures. and nice photography.

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Dear these all are very good pics but the second one is perfect. Seeing it is like having a beautiful dream. It made me sleepy bro.
Next generation photography

Nice pics...

Thanks for the idea!
I'm going to do a Time lapse sunset.

Amazing sunset. Very good photos!

And how not to adore and admire the sunsets, if in those colors the magic of life is concentrated.

beautiful scenery

Hey, @pinacle Your photography is so GooD...I like your Photography.

Share my sunset photo with you. By the way, I like quantum physics.


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