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Everything in life operates with balance, so saying something cannot exist, or is impossible, there has to be an opposite to that statement, for that statement to be true.

















As we change our point of view, what appears as "real" to us will also change. A changing world cannot ultimately be "real", for the definition of "real" is that of a self-perpetuating state, hence changeless. Having said that, has our entire experience been "real" to begin with? No, as all is consistently shifting, anything we ever experience is never given more reality than that of a dream. We are eternally dreaming.

So either ALL exists, or NOTHING exists ;)

Haha, you can safely assume neither I nor my words are real! ;)

For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction. - Isaac Newton


Every Sunday, more or less, I press 3 and the Close button. I go up to my mother's room. Her dementia isn't getting any better!

These days, every five minutes or so she points out my hair is thinning on top.

I've decided to try and go on Wednesdays too.

I asked Orphan Wisdom how to be with her. He advised me to learn about aging and of course, ultimately, dying.

When she sees me, her face lights up with real relief and gratitude. I'm her reluctant angel, not sure how that happened...

We all need angels. Angel school seems pretty tough at times, but there you have it. Some day it will be, and has been me!

Byron Katie asks, in this moment, is there really a problem?

Wow just awesome
Amazing .. The pictures look unreal. Real creativity
Thanks for sharing that with us..

Two sides to every coin..
Simple probablity

Images are wonderful and truly expressive. Everything has two sides that complement some balance for some physics law

It's quite original!

Social media should be the last picture

Well said. People have different views at the same time. Some people see half filled glass and some people half empty. Nice share and amazing photography.

Every side has two faces, we prefer good sides,like you show us good sides

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