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Being divine is a singular trait, as in I am divine. To balance that trait, a polar opposite is required, and that would be divided. The perfect balance of the equation says that me being divine is all others being divided, or I/ALL.









Your equation is defined by the balance you ae having in your mind, that balance which is in your pictography man, that's amazing

Yes divine will remain in mind if you have ability to feel it. Good word and good photography @pinacle.

The Divine Light is always in man, presenting itself to the senses and to the comprehension, but man rejects it

And always care, learn and listen. The world is filled with polar opposites that tend to attract each other. And its our individual differences that make the world go round

Wow beautiful all photographs, i like the last one picture
Yeah right everything has own balanced

Wow amazing that a nice place to be. love the plant


Wow!! These are amazing pictures
You are good photographer with great philosophy ❤️

Man is the more man - that is, the more divine

We're all divine and divided at the same time..

Khush kah chukh gasan kola gisa shuri

Aaz leikhio mei woithe, bei korem browser use

That's true ... God is one and create a world with blnce your are good defined by the balance you've in your mind . Your photography is so awesome ..thanks for sharing this beautiful view

being divine & being divided

let us cut each others Head then :p

It is great ,I think there are huge opportunity in, blockchan I'm interest to know more details about this .
thanks for shearing

always love your doings works, it satisfies your mind and soul....

The spark divine dwells in thee ,let it grow.

Awesome picture great work great thoughts
The bitter thing in the world is that even a single bit of moment is taken in different ways by different people... This creates lot of questions and confusions as eveyone believes himself to be true but they are not... That's why the best truth is now and best lie is past.

Every thing work when it is in balance and it required great effort. Some stunning photos clicked. Loved the art. Its so awesome and creative. Love Love Always laugh. Star rated ;-)

wow so beautiful picture you have shared

we must be positive and full of energy, so that everything flows in our favor ... good photographs.

Your photos have wisdom hidden man.. Nice portrayal...

Yup i totally believe" LIFE IS SHORT..

wow....beautiful photography
execelent photo capture
gret job...upvoted and resteemit


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Which is why I am not divided whether the devine is mine ;)

There are some great photography here. It looks very amazing to see all the pictures. The one who took the pictures is a really great photographer. I really congratulate him for taking pictures so beautiful. Hopefully he'll be taking such a beautiful picture in the future.

Yeah, God Created A balance, He division is perfect, he is giving everyone.
AS far as those people concern who are not getting, there is an exam for them from their God to test their patience.
They will be rewarded more after this exam.

Your philosophical way of depicting everything is flawless..

To be divine isn't simple, somehow you will lose your free will, and i beleive everyone will choose free will over everything.

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I absolutely love the art of the vintage planes. They were so beautiful. Lovely room and wonderful pictures.

Great photography
thanks for sharing

Absolutely false.

An equation is not a balance of something with a polar opposite, it is an identity, an equation without an identity is not an equation at all. According to your formulation the perfect balance of an equation with 'I am divine' on one side would be something like 'as we are divine' on the other. Follow it through, it has useful results.

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