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I would like you to stop and think for one moment, and accept that my imagination is what you imagine me to have.












you decorated your Your house in a decent and a classy manner which is truly reflects in the pictures.

I've asked you before @introvert-dime why you vote up all your own replies at basically full strength all the time, but the post itself at VERY low power (around 7% usually it seems) and here is the deal.

It is considered pretty scammy here to do that.

And you have been doing it a long time and it is time to address this poor behaviour.

Once in awhile is fine. Not all day, every day for weeks on end.

That is garbage behaviour here.

You seem to pick high profile posts, or users to do this on always and then vote your comments to the top increasing your visibility and you do this all day long, every day, all the time.

That is frowned upon here, not like you need someone to tell you this behaviour is scammy and poor.

I think I might start pasting this reply into your scammy replies to people, since your replies are all self-voted to the top for VISIBILITY. ALL THE TIME.

-- here is the proof just recently again, on SteemD.com which I encourage everyone to check out on the blockchain.

This Reply posted April 3rd, 2018 to @introvert-dime, as I have done with them before..... without reply.

Beautiful photography

These pictures at the top of the tender shining my dear friend to succeed for more success and giving

Very good photos! Nice Post. Thanks.

Some very beautiful flowers have impressed my chess pieces!

Lolz...that's some kinda rhyme there. How can your imagination be what I imagine you to have?

By the way I love your wall clock. I used to have a brown Wall clock like that but the square shape. I love simple looking Wall clocks

A very well decorated house with the touch of nature.To you nature is very important.Nice photos taken.Thank's for sharing.

It reflect's just one thing a nature loving peaceful life.

Imagine, you are free from all your surroundings.

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