Garden of Eden

in philosophy •  10 months ago

In the beginning, everything was perfect, until a bird asked itself "how can I fly?" then fell out of the sky and devolved to become a fish, that evolved into a human being, to invent a plane.







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The seahorse is amazing.

Hahaha what manner of funny analogy is that? This is the first of its kind coming from @pinacle...maybe we call it pinacle evolution theory

Your words are always so deep and difficult to understand but have a strong message and lesson for all of us.
To Understand it completely it is necessary to read your post twice to thrice :p
I must say you are really a wonderful photographer who always capture pictures on their merit!


it's true, i agree with you @abdulmanan


The next and final step is that we humans will fly through the sky without a plane, just like a bird. Maybe more appropriately, like Superman!


I’m on board.

I’m fully with the program here.

And I just have to be’ve earned yourself a fan.

This is brilliant.


i like that word... brilliant

Beautiful philosophy @pinacle and with beautiful pictures ..

It's a very beautiful scenery where there is an orange tree that will add to the feel of the house looks very beautiful. I really like the scenery that there are show.semoga the more successful my brother.

yes you are right @pinacle. i like your philosophy. all pictures are really well. jyst awesome. what a nice photography. all pictutes are too good. great work man. best wishes for your next photography.

again a post about


We can spend our whole life traveling around the world searching for the Garden of Eden, or we can create it in our backyard..


That's right, we have to create our own paradise.

Nice pictures. Where is it?

Nature is an art. Birds, fish, all creatures, nature. These are like god's brush marks. He drew it all. we live in us. very good philosophy both fun and mixed :) and the photos are very good. I feel fresh air.

what a great photography man. just love it. eslecially the duck one awesome. carry on dear.

Your philosphy explains everything better, a bird with wounded wings never soars too high, and obviously he need a plane to soar too high again.

nice click man.

how do you twist words so fantastically @pinacle?
About the pics, the architect and greenery, both are awesome

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Hmm... Are you trying to say that the doubts in our heart can cause us to lose the ability that we once had. After losing the ability, we seek to find alternatives from external help to accomplish what we once had before just like a bird that loses flying ability but after than seek to invent the plane to fly again? Anyway, depend on one's interpretation!

So you're saying it tasted the forbidden fruit of insight?

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