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in philosophy •  last year

@tacostate what a unctious looking soup.It is defo what i call soul food.Warms up your cockles! Well you are talking to the ultimate creator with cooking.Like yourself I love just putting things together and working it out in my head.

I am finding creating my post challanging as i have all these recipes but i go by my eye rather then how my mum taught me.A pinch of this, a handfull of
But i create step by step so i have been doin a lot of measuring to
Your food just too scrummy.Love the presentation too.👌👍❤

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I know exactly what you mean about finding it challenging to write out recipes when you don't measure. I rarely do. Something I think is important is for other people to think about cooking a little more loosely, as we do...just believe it will turn out and have a little faith in your ability. I think it's more fun that way anyhow!

Unctious is a good word for this. Lots of umami because of the caramelized onion. I want to make it again's all gone!