The philosophy of the technology across the knowledge.

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From the beginning of the man I develop skills and with his senses, also his raelidad of seeing the things, but as being alive dyed a big variety of needs, which tapeworm that sastifaser, well it is of way proper or of others mechanism, valios of his curiosity, for apreden then to apply them, to improve his quality of life and your own existence, from your own perpectiva, bién primitive in applying his tecnoligáa atraves of knowledge, up to the point of innvovar, to apply them in his life and to spread it or to communicate them in his way that this one was unrolled, of such a way with the time were crossing knowledge and contribution to progress to his creations.

to define across this context, take the following contribution of the book, Rationality, historicity and prophecy in Herbert A. Simon for Wenceslao J. González - 2004 paginates 147; where it shows us a philosophical base to define the technology:

The concept of "Technology" Habitually the philosophy of the technology defines the base of three approach domineering: the cognitive one - as content-; the operative one - as which to do or I process-; or the óntico - as product or appliance-. Each of these three approaches reveals a slope of the reality of the "Technology", but in every case they affect, in a different perspective, from which it is contemplated. This way, the cognitive approach on the technology highlights the value that takes this one as a knowledge, that is to say, he emphasizes the plane epistemológico; the vision as that to do studies especially the technological processes meanwhile human actions trasformadoras of the reality; and the exposition of the technology as product or appliance centres on the most tactical perspective (the tangible ambience capable of having a patent).


Arquímedes the Siracusa, source of image of pixabay

Is important to highlight that the technology, there was associated the custom and traditions as the evolution of every society across the history, of the following way, to remember his advances, in the poetry, communication, political applications of the science, faced by the knowledge. What I want to say, does not import the moment of the history of every society or culture, but his advances that helped other cultures to improve his life and raise his knowledge, some of the best example of two different moments was appreciated by two thinkers, by his curiosities, they were questioned, but achieve the big one it defied of this reality of this moment for the same faith in his knowledge, for means of his inventions, you would stimulate, to the modern knowledge of the antiquity, which our actuality applies to itself, as beginning, other as advance in the application of the technologies for and the rest of the world, these personages are an Arquímides and Leonardo da Vinci.


Leonardo da Vinci, Source of image of mastery of Wikimedia Commons, Artist: Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519)

to be two different time, they were based by the beginning of application of the simple mechanics, the laws of Arquímedes, trick and they are applied in the beginning of fluid, which at present is applied in the navigation in the seas and Leonardo da Vinci, it gave contribution of design on ships or appliance that could be applied in the middle of fluids, also it applied it in the knowledge of the medicine in ambience of our system circulatory. They were a source of inspiration of another way of seeing the knowledge, since this one could be evolved when it is applied, in these terms we it can justify of the following way, of the following taken fragment of the book the evolution of the knowledge for Jhost Herbig, 1996 paginates 48-49.

In the word of Gerhard Vollmer (1975), one of his representations more out-standing, the central dissertation of the theory evolucionista of the knowledge is formulated this way: " Our device of knowing is a result of the evolution. He structures them subjective of the knowledge coincides with the world because along dela they have formed evolution for adaptation to the real world and it coincides (partially) with the real structures because only this coincidence did the survival ”.

More governesses of of a mathematical foundation, or of a pure science the proper man forges his destination in the history, for his advances as evolution of the handling of the knowledge, of such form for curiosity, I manage to come to tread on the lunas and a piece of news conquers in the space and covers them with stars, by darkness I am prepared myself to study and know more submerged the depths of the seas, it is so much so the technology advances in an exponential way, that only the humanity adapts herself and every day is born a new idea, to improve ours lives and to the humanity.

Bibliography used for this publication

Rationality, historicity and prophecy in Herbert A. Simon for Wenceslao J. González - 2004 paginates 147.

The evolution of the knowledge for Jhost Herbig, 1996 paginates 48-49.

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