Technology and Teleportation

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Scientists have managed to transport information from one place to another, or rather teleport it. And all this without the information having to cross real space. Until now, many scientists thought that the teleportation of objects or even the teleportation of people was against the laws of physics. But some scientists have taught that nothing is impossible thanks to quantum physics and have shown us that the old dogmatic school science will soon be history with its outdated thought patterns. Now scientists believe that in the distant future even humans can be transported in this way. But it is still a very long way to "Beam me up, Scotty".

Let's imagine that we will be able to teleport across the world at some point. Would that really give us more time?

Through quantum physics we know that atoms can behave like particles or waves. This fact makes us doubt everything. An atom is what we all consist of. The particles are solid. Which one also recognizes by the fact that one can touch these things. But a wave is not solid. Imagine the atoms can take on the property of being a wave. So an object could have atoms with wave properties. So it would no longer be solid and tangible. Only this fact makes the teleportation even possible, doesn't it?

According to quantum physics, every object is both: particle and wave. Only by an observation, a measurement, one knows whether one has a particle or a wave infront of his view. The following example by Schrödinger fits it very well.

He describes this phenomenon as follows:
Imagine, a cat is put into a box. In addition, a radioactive device, a geiger counter, a hammer and a bottle of prussic acid come into the box. In the course of an hour one of the radioactive atoms can decay with a certain probability. But it doesn't have to. If it disintegrates, the geiger counter becomes active and gets the hammer going, which smashes the bottle with the hydrocyanic acid and in this case the cat would be dead. So the whole construction could kill the cat within an hour. But we don't notice anything. Unless we look. Now as long as you don't look, you don't know what happened. So the cat can be dead and alive. Maybe all went as it should and the cat is dead. But the whole scenario doesn't have to happen, but it can. For us the condition of the cat would not be defined. Only after you look at it, the cat is clearly either dead or alive. In quantum physics, things only happen through observation. So they have no state, until we will look at them.


With this fact arise different questions in one. What is nature really like? Independent of us? Independent of the fact that an intelligent creature wants to look at it? Would the world exist if no human, no being, no consciousness existed?

It seems as if nature only works for us and only accepts an understandable system when we are so curious and ask for a system. Do we first give nature a form with the sciences?

The thought of teleportation, that man is broken down into his molecules, which are then sent quantum mechanically to another location and reassembled there, is already fascinating, as Captain Spock of Star Trek would say, isn't it? The capacity of data storage in the world is increasing from year to year. If this continues, in the distant future the amount of data a human being consists of, i.e. 64 dot 10 to the power of 28 elementary particles, could be stored. For the transmission of the data, however, one would need tens of thousands of times more energy than was previously consumed all over the earth. Maybe we will be able to solve this problem in a way, also in the future.

The following is also interesting: If one could really store the informations of a the body of a human being, which consists of unbelievably many elementary particles, what about the soul or spirit of the human being? Would the soul then just come with us?

But what I personally find very strange is that such ideas and visions of the future are presented very early in movies and then later also invented by people. How do you come up with such realistic technologies in most movies that can be achieved in the distant future? In the movie Star Trek the captain beamed himself for the first time in the year 2151, in the time of the movie. Some experts find this date quite realistic for a teleportation at the same speed of technological progress.

I also don't understand the constant increase of technology in general. The products that are offered to us really do become better in a short period of time, so that you think about whether they have the technology for the next ten to twenty years and only give us a small step forward in order to make money in the long run?

In any case, you should consider whether such a high technology is positive at all. We have observed that in ten years the technology alone will come a long way.

Can you even imagine how people will live in the next 10,000 or 100,000 years?

How far can technology go?

At this point we should perhaps think briefly of the movie matrix...


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yes this is really a valuable article.
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You ask if the companies already have technology that is way ahead of what they are selling so they can just string as along and make more money. That's not really the case, because these companies are all in competition and want to beat out the other guy with the next big sell. What they do however to squeeze more cash out of us is make low quality, generally non repairable disposable products so we have to keep buying them, even when we abstain from getting the next big thing. Planned obsolescence and all that. Your quandary over the soul is one I have contemplated as well. I bring you an even weirder idea. If we could in the future transmit assemblies of matter in such a way, then we would also be able to duplicate it. So what if we made copies of ourselves? Would we have multiple souls, or just one and a bunch of clones that think they are us? I suppose we will find out someday.

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Very good thought. last week i had a long discussion with a friend about that. Would the clones be soulless containers? Or would the soul share or even duplicate itself? And what is the different between soul and awareness? copies of us, our clonesm would they be like computers, if the soul and awarness didnt teleport itself? which consists only of zeros and ones and draws only conclusions from experiences or decisions. could they become aware of themselfs? can a ki be come awar of themself?
But as you already say. we will find out very soon....

Even more good thoughts from you! I am not sure what the difference is between soul and awareness. We assume we have souls, but I am unsure. Perhaps awareness can exist without a soul. Even though I have seen ghosts, I am not dead sure what they are. Are they our own understanding of trans dimensional beings? Perhaps time is an illusion as some scientists theorize and some spiritualists believe, and souls escape this time trap? Also, So what if we did clone souls, and the new souls went their own ways...just as identical twins do. Would we then be Gods, since we are creating sentient life? LOL.

I am fairly confident AI will become aware, but....perhaps that is only something a supreme being can do.

i think and believe that time is only something that we have here in our dimension and in our universe. what if there are multiverses that overlap and they have a different time measurement? and if we could get out of the universe, who would it be without time? maybe a never-ending eternity?

I personally differentiate between consciousness and the soul, where both are connected. consciousness is the higher I, which reacts to the outer circumstances and the soul is the inner drive that can decide.

could AI's develop feelings? even understand them? we hardly understand them...

I have always looked with highly skepticism at this theory of molecular disintegration of living tissue, followed by reassembly in another location, and expecting to be still living. I mean, if that sort of molecular precision and knowledge would ever exist, this means it would be 1000 times easier to revive people who just died hours ago, just find the broken cells and repair them, right? Clearly living beings are not simply machinery...

theoretically that would be possible. but would it be ethically correct? a very difficult topic.

Are we entering the age of science fiction? But it would be cool if this is realized. I will keep an open mind at least.

Thank you for this valuable article. I learn alot by following you.

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What a fast transport really brings us is that the overall movements accelerated globally. Technology, i.e. airplanes, ships, trains and cars, have become ever faster over time. What has this led to?

It has led to a situation in which people and everything in flora and fauna must be stimulated to grow faster and faster. All goods that are produced and consumed at high speeds are subject to a shorter life cycle. A system in which machines become faster inevitably entails that everything else also submits to the accelerated process of creation, life and death. Modern consumer goods, for example, are not designed for quality and durability, but for quantity and rapid consumption. As a rule, the goods are not even used to their full potential, but are artificially devalued. Not to mention quality. Clothing, technology, food: by the time they come into existence, they are already obsolete and the new production cycle is in progress and close to completion.

This way of life expresses itself in the throwing away of food and material things, so that out of this throw-away mentality a new branch of industry has emerged that deals with garbage profits. An absurd machinery of creation and destruction has been created.

From the human, animal and plant perspective, all this is an imposition. Even a journey by plane across the ocean confuses the biorhythm, man needs an adaptation phase to the new time and usually feels uncomfortable when he is suddenly exposed to a changed climate, air and culture. He suffers from sleep and digestive disorders as well as mental stress.

The adaptability of people, who usually live for many decades, is limited precisely because of this lifespan. If we were mayflies, adaptation to changing living conditions would be much faster.

But let's think about it further. What if all products could be teleported from one place to another in a matter of seconds? In order to keep up with this technology, the production cycle would have to be adapted again and greatly shortened. The food would have to be produced and consumed even faster, creating a cycle so rapid that it would be almost impossible to keep up, and an artificial time span would have to be built in to counter this speed. The natural maturation times of plant foods would have to be further accelerated and biochemical processes that interact with the environment would be drastically reduced until there is no longer any connection to the individual environments, i.e. the plant, which grows in a diverse environment and interacts with animals, insects, climate, would have to be isolated so that any contact with animals, insects and weather conditions would be avoided. As a result, this plant loses a large part of its important ingredients, which would have to be produced artificially.

If teleportation were possible, any movement would be absurd. If one could beam from Africa to Finland, from Australia to North America from now on, it would be completely pointless to do such a thing. The speed would make human decisions and experiences impossible and meaningless, as they would basically be superfluous in such an environment of speed. Why? Because experience is naturally part of a process that does not have a defined beginning and end. Human experience is one that takes place in a space-time that is based on physical principles that constitute humanity.

Imagine being beamed to Sydney for the Olympic Games. Right in the middle of the stadium, exactly to the entry of the teams. You would not have had any travel, no encounters on the way, no unpleasant exactly like no pleasant experiences. You would watch a sporting event and know that all delegations, athletes, employees would be teleported immediately afterwards, what sense would a get-together make? The spectators in the stadium - why should they stay longer, why should they book hotel rooms, why should they look at the surroundings? Since everyone else could be out and about all the time, you wouldn't even know who and where to look for. Something like locality would only make sense if you gave it one. Only a certain amount of physical energy makes a thing worth tackling.
Even now journeys to distant countries are losing their meaning. One finds what one has left. Dangers, imponderables, uncertainties are eliminated as far as possible. Surprises as good as excluded. In many respects, the destination is similar to the one we left. But if we don't experience anything strange, unusual or incomprehensible anymore, there is no need to research and question ourselves. All answers are already there before us. Today we go on holiday. But we have stopped to travel, to recognize the way as the actual experience. Anyone who slowly explores a city or a region on foot will notice how many innumerable little things he encounters on this path and that the slower he gets, the more strange and beautiful the detail in his surroundings seems to him.

Nevertheless, the idea of beaming is fascinating and it's because of these mental games that we humans are able to use our imagination. But we hardly ever think a thought until its unthinkable end. We stop at a point that would leave a lot more room for maneuver and rush to the applications as if there were no tomorrow. But maybe we have already given up tomorrow? In fact, I think that this longing for fast appearance and disappearance is much more of a psychological escape in the hope that it will be better somewhere else - and if it gets unpleasant, I am out, if it's pleasant I am in. On other planets or in a more beautifully situated galaxy perhaps.

If I were an alien, I'd say: Wow, you have the best of all the planets in the vast perimeter, excellent living conditions, a diversity you could faint from. What luck you humans have. How beautiful it is here for you. But I have one good advice: Slow down. Appreciate difficulty as something valuable.

@erh.germany - firrst of all, thank you for your time to write such a long comment/reply and how you see it.

There would certainly be a lot of questions to be answered with such a technology. But as is the case with any technology, it will have its advantages and disadvantages as well as its prejudices.

I don't think you could clone things 1:1 with teleportation technology. This would mean that the essence of the plants, what makes them so unique, would be lost. Consciousness itself would perhaps even be lost if people were teleported and in the end there would only be an empty shell with a ghost in it.

It's a very difficult subject what ethical questions entail...

Yeah, some things are good to remain unknown and mysterious. Life would be spoiled if we get it all figured out.

Happy Easter to you.

maybe we are here - our mission in life is - to discover everything?

:) everything is a big word.
But to answer your question: I really don't know.

bueno amigo sigue asi te apoyo

We're so far away from teleportation at this point in time but I would love to be able to simply walk into a telephone booth sized pod and instantly be transported around the world. Who's to say we won't figure it out one day? I hope it comes sooner than later because it would help solve a lot of problems. Imagine sending one to mars and then just being able to send astro-construction workers there in an instant to begin colonization!

i love this stuff!!! the future rocks and we are it! it is happening now! love this thanks for posting this truly!

Quantum entanglement can be used to recreate the original data (information). In theory, we can do this with people by passing over data of a person's make-up, but then we'd be creating clones.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

And even if we somehow can accept turning the entire population into clones, it is worth noting that the recreation of the data cannot be 100% accurate. The 1/1E9 flaws that may take place in the recreation would lead on to more problems:

  • Consistent cloning, due to frequent teleportations, of the minorly errored clone (due to the first cloning) would lead to an exponential shift leading to an eventual mutation that could be severe enough to have the clone not even resemble the original.
  • What do we do with the original?
  • If we some how accept to atomize the originals once a clone is made, the errors lingering within the clone would be passed on to the offspring, even if the offspring are merely engineered from the clone's genetic code.

What you describe there is commonly known as "cancer".
I think cancer will be cured much sooner than there will be a working teleportation technology(for example just by storing the DNA and replacing the mutated DNA using nanotechnology).
Also the flaw you are describing(10⁻⁹(where did you get this number?)) is big. The error could lead to a displacement of your atoms of about 2(2 m)10⁻⁹ = 4 nm which is huge. The cell membrane is about the same size and would therefor get destroyed and you would die. Until the flaw would be much less(10⁻¹⁰ - 10⁻¹¹) this technology would never get used.
Yes changes may also affect the brain, but since the brain has an incredible power of self repair I don't think this would be an issue. Especially not with flaws only in the region of several 100 picometers.

Nice post, inspiring been one of your followers. But my questions is... Do we have multiple souls as? Or is it just a philosophical write up?

it is only philosophical :)

Wow. The reply was quite convincing

That's not really the case, because these companies are all in competition and want to beat out the other guy with the next big sell.

There are also some scientists who suggests that even non living objects can be subject to observation, in this case even the geiger counter can play the role of observer, because it makes an action based on an observation. Therefore, the "schrodinger's cat" experiment never came to a working conclusion.

i personally assume that consciousness plays a significant role here. but maybe i am mistaken... :)

Nice post on the subject of philosophy. 😍

non ci posso credere, mia moglie finirà di chiamarmi da una stanza all'altra! wow

lol :))))

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

I am forced to wonder if the ability of some persons in my country who as a results of possessing diabolic powers, (some sort of black magic) are able to disappear from one place and appear in a different place.
This has been observed numerous times and in different scenarios in my country but apart from us knowing that some diabolic means that can't be backed by science at the moment, I don't know if this super human actions fits the description "TO TELEPORT" thank you.

from where are you coming @sugah?

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