Meno's Paradox Applied

in philosophy •  last year 

Meno's Paradox.jpg

Meno's Paradox Applied

What is your problem?
And, if you know
what your problem is,
then remove the problem.

If you don't know
what the problem is,
I cannot give you
good advice, anyway.

~ @nobyeni
#editedbyclay #unintendedpoetry

The great thing about having spend many years studying and living and breathing philosophy, is that what you say is sometimes drenched in wisdom you got from places you can't even remember. This one is clearly based on Plato, but I didn't think of that when I said these things in the chat at @thewritersblock Discord. It took the editing skills of @damianjayclay to show the beauty of it.


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I finally understand #editedbyclay. :)