Not Guilty of Murder, But Definitely Guilty of Hypocrisy

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By now we have all seen the news coming out of Missouri. A weekend of protesting, riots and looting, all it would appear, as a result of one Judges verdict.

A Judge in Missouri found Jason Stockley not guilty of murder based on the facts and the evidence presented to them. Justice was served right? It took a long time didn't it? The events occurred in 2011! This verdict was almost 6 years in the making.

Jason Stockley is no longer a police officer and no longer lives in Missouri so its safe to assume that his actions have ruined his life. Could this have all been avoided though? isn't it possible that he could have been leading a normal life right now?

Yes. absolutely. According to his own words and his own moral code which he chose not to follow in 2011 all this could have been avoided. The important quote to take away from his interview is as follows:

“I accept full responsibility for violating the rules. But it’s not a moral crime. It’s a rule violation.” - Jason Stockley

This is reference his violation, regarding the unauthorized firearm he was carrying at the time of the incident. He is quite right that he committed no moral crime, after all he was merely in possession of an inanimate object. There was no harm, theft or damage created by simple possession of the unauthorized firearm.

Stockley and his partner tried to arrest Anthony Lamar Smith for a suspected drug deal. Now lets apply Stockleys own moral code, after all a drug deal is not a moral crime is it? two people voluntarily interacting and exchanging goods for money. Sure its a "rule violation" but there is nothing immoral is there?

If Officer Stockley had applied his own moral code on December 20th 2011 then everyone would have gone about there business right? Stockley did not follow rules but did follow a moral code! he admitted as much in his interview. It would seem that he only wants to apply that moral code to himself though. Smith committed no moral crime that ultimately saw him die as a result of resisting arrest. Had Officer Stockley not ignored his own moral code the events of the weekend would never have happened and thousands of dollars in damages would not have happened.

The rioting and damage to private property continues, ultimately because one man couldn't be bothered to follow his own moral code.

This is of course my opinion. other opinions are available.

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