The universe is not random: an expansion

in philosophy •  9 months ago

maxresdefault.jpgtake look around at the things that surround you, can you find anything similar too it, It can be observed that the universe does in fact reuse certain elements in the manifestation of an object animate or otherwise, ergo I ate a stock of broccoli for dinner and I remember when I cut it with a knife about half way it looked a certain way, after waiting I went for a walk and I saw a dead tree with the very same look to it with it’s branches down to stub's. It’s a silly question but, why do tree’s look like broccoli stalk's?, because the universe as we know it is finite and objects manifest often reusing element’s from other object’s already made manifest. The universe is comprised of two primary structures, first is chaos:

chaos is a structure of otherwise unrelated events that are pushed forward by shared selective pressures, i.e. you drop an old book out of a two story window and render a man unconscious, as a result he becomes late for work, he misses his shift and the work of everyone else becomes harder as a result, his peers become angry with him and complain to the boss, the effect becomes yet another cause in chaotic structures.

The second fundamental structure of the universe is order, order rarely occurs naturally and is mostly man made or man directed, it could be said that the natural presence of order structures in certain cases could be evidence for an ultimate creator god. An example of order would be a legislature trying to create a law to improve traffic safety and then roadside death rates begin to drop, another possible example may be dna. The fact that the universe can in fact be quantified, in my mind gives reason for a creator god to exist, perhaps the god of Spinoza or similar. The overwhelming narrative in nature is an ugly one, intelligence does not make us important, we are no less mortal than animals, we are animals, we are machines albeit of a more sophisticated design than most, we don’t matter, we are just another creature within the order structure of nature which is equal parts ugly to beautiful. In the end humanity is just another small part of the greater universal equation and nothing more, should we seek to be more than self elevation with regard for others is the only way I can think of to achieve that end.

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One issue i always run into is everyone seems to seperate man from nature and man made objects from nature. I would say chaos and order happen naturally. Enjoyed the read, thnx.