The reincarnation of the mind.

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Before we begin two things.....
1.this is not a literal reincarnation process, it is a metaphor for personal change both automatic and manual.

2.this will not line up with all beleif's so please be civil about below.

Now the truth is we as human beings are a complex ever changing meme, with many parts and aspects.
_mind_heart_390x220.jpgEvery now and again we go through a process where in which our meme that makes us who we are changes, physical changes are obvious, such as gaining weight or a child growing into an adult, but what about mental changes.
Many mental changes well in fact occur organically e.g. naturally like say an activity we used to love now no longer interests us, because our meme has changed our version is now 2.0, Johnny 2.0,s interests are similar to but different from Johnny 1.0's, these changes are common but if you could initiate the mental reincarnation process manually instead of automatically? can and i know how. graphics159974.png
The following is my process i use for awakening and becoming aware which led to this end.

#1. Take regular mental inventory during all activity's of the day, take note of what you are thinking, this will serve to make you more aware of personal flaws, strengths, weaknesses, obsessions, and also let's see how those thoughts may change on their own, keep a journal of all these thoughts.

#2. Take care in selecting what kind of "food" you feed your'e brain, what information you absorb will effect changing thoughts, in this way you can redirect you're personal mental reincarnation.

#3. Regularly challenge all belief's, opinions and perceptions, never become complacent or indifferent to an idea, opinion or belief.

#4. Examine all information from multiple perspectives, listen to multiple people either through video's on the INTERNET or by personally speaking to them.

#5. Keep track of all changes in thought pattern as well as those that do not change, it's kind of like quantum physics, if you try an observe it the act of observation itself will change it's behavior, changing the outcome.

#6 fact check all that you learn, compare it with experienced reality and truth.

#7 Put new ideas into practice as soon as reasonably possible, test the results and you will know which way to go next.

This process will awaken you and increase your'e self awareness, it will teach the truth about outcome and morality, mental reincarnation is the most powerful form of growth and can be abused, be sure that what you will become is truly a good thing by examining what others who are like that and what they cause and create.

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