The human pyramid and consequential tidal waves: an expansion

in philosophy •  8 months ago

I have communicated before how the mind is a tiered system ofimages.png
Consciousness, ego, and the beast, which could also be called
The daemonic self(the ideal self or the ego), the remedial self(the beast), and the true self(Consciousness), each tier has a desire innate in itself, the ego says “i want”the beast says “i need” and the conscious says “i must or I should”, as this concept relates to the subconscious………

perhaps a fourth tier, or a summery of the other three more on this later. It is imperative that a person make a mental checksum of the desires of the tiers and use their conscious to decide what is best, of all tiered desires the desires of the ego are the most dangerous, the “i want”as always reaching for more can put us in a position where in which we are worse off than we were before, that is not to say that desire is inherently bad as the bud hists might say, nut it is reaching for the impossible or the indefinite that causes profound suffering, such is the story of kid Icarus, however the ego is what ultimately makes life an enjoyable adventure, and careful adherence to it’s desires makes one motivated towards success and greatness of the self. We must know how to proceed in fulfilling the desires of the ego,being completely focused only on oneself is dangerous and makes many enemies, you can elevate yourself over one enemy but how about a hundred?, maybe a thousand?, we must reach our goal’s with a focus of duality, duality means that we think of both ourself and others, not simply one or the other, focusing purely on one or the other is equally problematic either way and exhausting, we must make friends and allies on the journey by helping your future allies when requested or when the need of help becomes great, and in so doing we create an asset for our future, someone that could save our life or maybe help us out with a huge problem, maybe even help defeat a powerful life adversary such as a criminal, or a crooked cop. When helping a future Allie be sure not to help so much as to remove all challenge and struggle, focus on the small things or the things that would require two individuals working together. The consequences of our actions not only aid the greater good but also ourselves, seek allies through influence and prop yourself up, become great through consequence, and learn to control the self and guide it to maturation, place yourself in a positive circumstance with plenty of struggle to become even greater, but also a circumstance for happiness and success, do not place yourself totally beyond others, otherwise you will ruin them, be conscientious of others suffering, but also think of your own potential suffering as well, make yourself greater, make your friends greater for having known you as they also elevate themselves and make you greater for having known them, make yourself greater and humanity greater by influencing the situation to it’s most positive outcome.

The desire of the beast is based on need, it is the animal instinct and is mostly for survival purposes, but sometimes can make one more happy and feel more alive, through small desires such as for recreation or sex, or both at once, hahahaaaa, these small little pieces for satisfaction can add to your overall happiness and there is nothing wrong with that.

The desire of the conscious is simply to govern, in a mostly limited, sort of libertarian fashion, where the conscious guides the beast and the ego but does not totally dominate them, the consciousness is the most important element of the human mind, it makes the true decisions rather than simply acting and must be listened too for the greater good, self elevation, the defeat of our life enemies, and the elevation of our allies.goodthings.jpg

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