The human Being, A self constituting meme

in philosophy •  10 months ago

What does the common person know about d.n.a? how about genes?, the fact of the matter is cells within the body die reproduce and are replaced within our bodies every single day. It's kind of like the ship of Theseus, if all of your'e original cells die off and are replaced than are you you?. The short answer is yes but not quite, the cells in your'e body are not you nor do they make what you are, what makes you what you are is the self replicating d.n.a within those cells, this means that we are constantly being deconstructed and reconstructed simultaneously, we as people are a complex pattern of elemental components. An idea is also made of either a simple combination of elemental parts, or a complex combination of elemental components, when an idea continues to perpetuate from one generation to the next we call that idea a meme and just like a meme our d.n.a is passed down from one generation of cells to the next, sound familiar? we as human's are meme's people are complex meme's. It is in this way that we die and are reborn, just as when the ship of Theseus had it's part's slowly replaced one by one, the pieces that were taken away were joined together to form a new ship, so too are all the dead pieces of us replaced, this is the truth of reincarnation, not being reborn after death but being slowly reborn over our life time piece by piece. This does in no way devalue individuality or humanity, in fact it makes it something more. The meme of humanity can either be bad or good, ideally both to some extent. Embrace the meme of humanity and let it show you your'e place in the universe, blessed is the meme that is you.

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