An identity or an attribute, a lie told of person hood

in philosophy •  11 months ago 

Why is is that every time a gay man comes out and says "i'm gay" i feel like saying " but i thought your'e name was Johnny?" why must a sexual orientation, opinion, religion, fandom, musical form or just anything you like be treated as the whole of who you are just because it's important to you? where are you're priority's?. There is a lot more to you than just you're primary attribute, there are the other attributes as well not to mention you're mind, ego, beast, shadow, age, sex, race, heritage and so forth. Allow me to introduce you to a man, his name is Johnny, yes the same Johnny as above (as above so below lol) Johnny is gay or is he?, Johnny is physically attracted to members of his same sex, but rather than him "being gay" why not just let him be Johnny? " if you label me you negate me" ME an identity how we define and relate person hood. Gay is nothing more than a societal label we have created, that we may generalize people so that we don't have to think too hard about how relate to each other, Johnny's attraction is an attribute, a part of who he is but not all who he is. Every Friday night Johnny goes to a LGBT community gathering so he may be among others with which he has a common attribute and interest, Johnny is not gay, Johnny is Johnny, He likes tofu, Jazz Funk, Game Of Thrones, Johnny is not a jazz head, Johnny, is Johnny. He is not defined by a single attribute or by an interest, Johnny is defined by how well he is able to integrate all these things together and figure out how they can all relate within him. We as person's are greater than are parts, we are the sum and much much more. We are an ever changing complex meme forever moving forward in time.

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