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We all deal with one thing here. But someone likes your actions, but someone does not. Such people are completely confident of their rightness and do not tolerate disputing their point of view or categorically reject other points of view. Some challenge the public opinion and worldview of others, thus trying to stay in power and strengthen their authority.

Why do some people bully or offend others? Why do some people like trolling, insults? Why do some people want to create meaningless conflicts with other platform participants?

Power gives power

The use of force is reduced to a lack of respect for other users (and ultimately to oneself). Such people are not able to honestly look at themselves in the mirror and what they do does not cause respect.

They live in a world of self-deception, where everything they do is 'good'. They do not care about the moral side of their actions. They are street hooligans who do it with impunity.

When there are no rules and one can not bear responsibility for one's actions only because you are strong, cratocracy, where the powers of this world seize power with the help of force, is infected. Order begin to command bespredelschiki.

Those who want and try to dominate others with the help of force without having real power, are surrounded only by fear and indignation.

The tyranny of power supports a fake community

Causing suffering is the main source of joy for such people. Every time you try to stop abuse of the power of such a person you will be subjected to violence. Such power is traditional for feudal systems: any disobedience to the gentleman is perceived as a threat to power. Even many of your superiors do so because they have power over you. Of course, this affects their psyche.
People are cowardly by nature and unable to resist violence, because they are afraid of suffering. While you are not oppressed and do not offend, you do not care about the rest. Every time avoiding the unfair injustice, remember that you can become the next victim.

Abuse of power to impose their opinions, justify and use violence is not "good". For such people, everything they do is automatically perceived by them as right.
Such people simply do not have enough self-esteem.

When a community allows abuse of power and arbitrary behavior, the community is less likely to correct the situation in the future.

Woe from Wit

Abuse of power is often a compensatory measure for internal poverty and low self-esteem. Why would someone voluntarily choose the path of torture of dissenters, if they themselves are not internally broken?

Trolls cooked in their own juice

The Internet is full of materials on trolls. Everyone knows that trolls feed on our attention. If you continue to communicate with them, you will support their miserable existence. Attention deficit is the sad state in which they reside. Fighting trolls can turn out to be only a waste of time. The best remedy for them is complete disregard.

People often do not want to get involved in fighting trolls. Some pass by, and some do not spare themselves fighting them with faith about caring for others. If people are fixated on money, then they can become themselves a new victim of such a troll. Only by uniting together can you stop the evil that is happening. When society really unites to solve problems, then lawlessness comes to an end.

Be honest with yourself

You can try to argue and argue with people who love others to make them suffer and try to bring them to reason. But while they themselves do not look at themselves from the outside, they will never understand what they are fighting for. They will continue to persist, justifying their own delirium, will teach everyone how to live right and abuse power.

If we want to make the world better, then we must face our fears to resist injustice and lawlessness. A person can make the world a better place, if he wants to ...

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