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Recently, I mean in the last 5 to 10 years we have heard of and seen the world leaders trying to convince each other about the importance of serving our Planet. "Human economic activities" have been the matter of discussion all the time when the leaders meet, pointing several countries as the major source of all the climatic problems due to their high level of toxic waste production. Its true that human development has largely brought by the industrial revolution, and its much more obvious that now we are no longer in that age, we are living in the information age, that we no longer talk about the industries which are still the main source of all the toxic wastes.

"I think we are wrong, when we forget about wars, famine, hunger, refugees, crimes and many more that we humans are the main players. We think we can save the planet, but actually we need to be saved and we need to do that now, right now! because in this moment diseases are killing many more people in Africa. Why not saving the existing generation, because the earth will be here long after we are gone." 

We are busy propagating slogans of saving the planet earth, this planet we live today has endured billions of years way before we thought we could come to existence, it survived the intergalactic collisions, planetoids , asteroids and the volcanoes.The #dinosaurs came through and were wiped out, lets not cheat ourselves that we have to save this planet, earth doesn't need us to save it, it will be here long after we are gone.

The only creatures that need saving is us, and to distill more specific beyond unfathomable odds its life, life on this planet needs the saving not the planet. we are on the verge of extinction because of our neglection to the aspect of life itself. So lets wake up and channel our energies to better ways of living to save ourselves from the impending apocalyptic doom that we constantly mold at each sunrise with wars, pollution, hunger and wasting of the very resources we need to sustain us for the next coming generations and secure a better future for our offspring not to live in the ruins of our own mistakes. now is the time to wake up and save life itself.
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