The trouble with beauty

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Many years ago.. i was really bothered by the concept of beauty, so i published this on my blog.. its crude..but enjoy

Quite a lot of questions have been raised on how ironic it is for the most ravishing beauties to end up with partners not necessarily on par with them in that regard,
Such isn't always the case but its occurrence never ceases to marvel.
Not implying that one doesn’t deserve true happiness based on looks, this is merely an attempt to demystify.
One thing to be realized, the default state of humans is to immediately satisfy wants and to generally be more conversant with what they want as opposed to what they need, that's why we have doctors and shrinks, to confirm what we deeply sensed was best for us, or sensed that we are doing wrong but failed to act on.
Now beauty always tends to penetrate our realm of wants, but is it wise to act on it?
There are shrinks for what to do after having acted on an urge (like "cutting" or suicide alludes to depression) but rarely if ever, shrinks to guide on what urges to act on, that's why we have professional marriage counselors and not dating counselors, but then again, it's quite hard to know a mistake until it's happened.
Looking closer at this quandary, it is safe to theorize, choosing a mate, if people begin to listen to themselves and identify what they need rather than the noiseless screams of their wants, one could see that, the heart and soul, which is the only entity relevant in choosing a mate, does not care much for aesthetics and rather seeks closure, therefore to be complimented.
One could further say, the varying opinion in the general perception of beauty (beauty being a subject continually murdered by variation and lack of consensus) must be due to our natural unspoken preferences generated from our realm of needs governed by the soul, hence beauty is forever domed to be nothing but ones opinion.
True realization of beauty in what others deem unpleasant, is merely a testament to our individual distinction.
In terms of finding a mate.. Or dare i say, soulmate, things such as physical beauty should be regarded as one of the trivialities of the flesh, so we could postulate that, a genuinely happy pair in which no one understand their basis for attraction, could be just another case in which the trouble with beauty has defeated the logic of attraction,
The trouble with beauty would lie in its perfect subjectivity.

Note :human relationships was used as just an example to illustrate the subjectivity of beauty, one could draw similar inference in a myriad of other occurrences.

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This is a pretty heavy article. Glad to see people are getting sensible these days. Quite a meaningful article. I am also uploading my new concept related to beauty in parts. Feel free to check it out on my wall. A link to one of those posts is here :-

Great to find like minded people on steemit. Keep up the good work.