Are Social Media Platforms Addictive By Design?

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Recent Revelations-

I enjoy the Steemit platform, I honestly do. The ability to earn a few bucks was a nice touch to add, too. Over past several weeks, I've been way more focused on real life stuff, such as organizing, packing, and moving to a new state. Now that the physical journey is over, the unpacking and settling in process is in full swing so I haven't had much time or inclination to put into Steemit, BitChute, or any other social media sites for that matter. One thing I am aware of is the "value" of my account wallet now, versus two weeks ago before I began the packing and relocation process. Coming back on after a two week absence, I noticed a declination of at least $15-20. That's crypto currency I had already earned, so why would it decrease so much in just two weeks time? I realize that the SBD fluctuates daily but being active on Steemit every single day is just not feasible for some people. It has become quite an uphill battle for myself, that I'm beginning to question if it's worth pouring in so much of my daily life energy. That's time that I could be spending more of with my family, growing crops, preparing for what's to come.

I began to ask questions that definitely spurred me on to do some of my own due diligence. If you didn't watch the quick video above, I recommend that you at least watch the first 10 minutes of it.

My thoughts immediately went back to the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica incident from last month and the implications of that. Data harvesting. More and more of our privacy, our emails, phone calls, our entire lives being stored for someone else's use.
More and more people around the world are being drawn into the spider's world wide web, like insects to be eaten as prey. The very name of the publicly accessible "world wide web" tells it all, as well as the "inter-net." For one like myself that loves to solve riddles as well as shatter the illusion that most people have about the world they live in, it doesn't take long to see what the creators of artifice are up to.

Metonomy is one of the hidden grammatical features of language that is not taught in the public fool system. It's where a word is used but something else is being said. The word could be similar to the one intended, just not the proper one to be used in that context. An example is the saying, "The pen is mightier than the sword." Which can mean that words or written law is stronger than force, violence, or standing armies. Think about how much we are controlled by words and terms on a daily basis.
We have sold ourselves into servitude under the commercial law of nations...

When breaking apart the word "Inter-net," the first part of the word is 'Inter' which means 'to bury' or 'cover with earth.' Clever wording hidden behind metonomy and duality, webs and nets are used to catch fish and other prey.
Who or what are they looking for?

In case you have not heard of it by now, the link above discloses to the world, the existence of the massive data center that was constructed in the Utah desert several years ago. This facility was built to store all the data on Earth, which honestly, should frighten the f*** out of most people! This is a monstrous weapon that govts intend to use against their own people, and why wouldn't they? With that much power, just ripe for the abusing...

With that said, I'll be taking a few steps back. I have quite a few books on the shelf that have been gathering dust...

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In the early '70s, this expression of yours here in this posting would have been most accurately labled a "cop out". I needn't explain the Metononomy of the situation. Quite sad, actually.