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Okay, let's take a detour and talk a little bit about Philosophy(im hoping that there are some philosophers in the house or at best people who can relate with the subject ) Alright,so let's dig in ...
Basically, the crash definition of philosophy is the 'love of wisdom". Also, it can be said to be a view or outlook regarding fundamental principles underlying some domain as its relates to man.

Philosophy is abstract reasoning and philosophers aren't any different from the average human being in the society. What makes them stand out though is the disposition and their ability to challenge the statua quo- examine ordinary issues on an extraordinary level as opposed to being content with surface knowledge. The concept of "rightness" is a major problem in the world today. I've always had to ask myself, of what use is this concept when the world or at least one person's life isn't any better for it at the end of the day? Human condition is dismal as it stands when in the end what else are we other than a rather confused bunch?

In any case, Philosophy is central to life. So let's(or at least try) to maintain the order the likes of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, St. Acquinas and so on fought so hard to uphold cos this men? Affected lives and effected change in their time.



Philosophy is part of live as each of us philosophizes daily. But, shouldn't there be a point where we just trust nature to take it course?

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