Crypto Philosophy Series - Change starts with you - Vlog

in philosophy •  6 months ago

It seems forced at first glance to mix these two fields, philosophy and cryptocurrencies, but I strongly feel that they pretty much go hand in hand these days.

In no way shape or form do I feel myself to own some enlightened truth here, but the core mission here is to share some of the things that are tumbling inside my head with the hopes of having a friendly conversation about these subjects.

As always, thank you for watching


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Interesting perspective. I do not complain as I don't think I have gotten to the point where I feel I can demand to get more out of this experience than what I give. Not even considering the money I have put into it provides me the right to demand anything. That has been the problem this year as many came expecting or demanding results with little to no effort. As we progress forward, there may be a point where this could happen for a few but as you state we cannot expect to get something out of nothing. I look forward to ultimately getting to that point but I know that this is still experimental although I adamantly believe it will be a success in the future.


Your expectations are quite healthy brother, and this whole thing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Lota of thought running through the mind,let it go @meno let it out

you look great meno and you have such a great attitude here as always, Its wonderful to check in on you from afar here and sorda outside the pocket and see you so invested in making a positive difference. motivation and dedication into inspiration. much love to you


thank you for stopping by Bonnie! much love to you

not bad!

I really think that the "cryptocurrency" its self is a revolution because offers equality and democracy guaranteed in certain way, and in some way or another we have to pay it back with our deeds :) I'm convince 100% that's all of these stories have been invented by Aliens to help humanity avoiding the dooms day... :) ufo.jpg


interesting take... ill give it a good read.