What if there is another LIFE somewhere?

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Often times, I get strange thoughts popping in my head and my mind cannot comprehend it. Few among the thoughts is what I am about to share with you. Perhaps, after you done reading this, you may conclude that my mind is bizarre and that I'm a weird person. Well, I can figure out your rationale, although, you maybe right and at the same time wrong cos I really get strange flow of thought as well as good thought too.


It is like a composition of particles into a particular substance which react together. Also, the world we live in is a composition of both good and bad, beauty and ugly, injustice and justice, in as much as you are optimistic, you should as well be pessimistic. Always assume the role of a philosopher in whatever you're doing or about to do, do you know why?
The principles of the teachings of philosophy is simple which is be open to all things.
Not far fetched, their motto goes thus; man lives to think, man thinks to live!
The beauty in philosophy is the freedom to create things (deep thinking) within yourself and the wholesomeness of nothing is finite, certain or final...

what if?


I sat at my balcony one Saturday afternoon and my house is sitted upon a hill which gives me the rooftop view. At that point, I was considering nothing but just a thought which read thus; what about if there is another LIFE somewhere else. I know how strange this thought may sound to you but give it a thought too. What about if there is another life, a space, a satellite where different things exist.

I am not talking about the planet Mars, Jupiter or Earth, I am talking of undisclosed space or life somewhere where people are transported to for reconfiguration - a word to denote a new start
What would you think at that point about cloning centers?
Maybe in that life & undisclosed space nothing like crime, sanction and law will exist. Could death be the passage to this undiscovered land, life and space?
Nobody has been able to unravel the misery beyond the chemical engineering of human while still breathing. To which, if there is a life somewhere else, what characterized the livelihood of the people's existence there?

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