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Consider yourself to belong to no communities. Belong to yourself.

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I totally "get it" I am an introvert and have NO problem with it. I've noticed the problem seems to come from other people that either don't understand what an introvert is or don't want me to be one. :) So many people have some tragic notion of what it means to be an introvert. being an introvert is a nonstop deep-dive of inner thinking adventure. We are just very comfortable with solitude. We are OK with ourselves and get recharging from our own introspection while in solitude. People think we don't care or are anti socal. Couldn't be farther from the truth. Often we care very deeply. We just don't value surface level interactions that most extroverts enjoy. If you are an introvert as it seems, enjoy it , it's a deep diving thought adventure. People just often don't "get it". It's Ok. I get the feeling that you do. Thanks for the post. It was a pleasure. Though I'm not a vegetarian nor do I wish to be but that was NOT the point of the post was it? :) Thanks!

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Thanks for your input! To be honest, I consider myself to be both extrovert and introvert. I mean, I am totally ok being alone in my thoughts, but when I meet people, I never shut up and always try to find myself in the middle of the action. I totally enjoy people and I love to interact with them. I just don't like to see groups of people identifying themselves as some sort of community because it so often creates a barrier between that group and the rest of the world. Also, it makes those people act unnaturally if I can say so.
I sometimes love to write pretty drastically and see how others react. By doing so, I try to find a perfect balance of my writing style - I try to make it both interesting and not pretentious. I am still learning, tho!