Knowledge is power. You know how?

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Hello Steemians

For the next chapter, I will present, step by step, the different phases:

How to achieve the evolution of the neighbor!

They will know that there are three (03) phases to achieve their evolution

I will treat the importance of Neighborhood Knowledge.
They will understand once and for all what the British philosopher, writer and politician wanted to say "Sir Francis Bacon, when he said his famous phrase," Knowledge is power".

Do you know your neighbors?
Do you know the importance of knowing your neighbors?
You do not know! Then you are wasting your power.

Well, I will show you how to use the "information" of your neighbors to favor you and the community in general.

Remember that the appointment is next Tuesday two (02) January 2018, here in Steemit, I hope.
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thanks, with these post I want to help people to achieve a better community, I invite you to be aware. Greetings.

Knowledge is power indeed, and I dare to say that in today's world with all of the information made available to us, we have it easier than most.
Of course we also have to evade the clutter of all the garbage info that comes to our senses.
Good project. Cheers!

@spiritualmax is correct, greetings.

Knowledge is power! That's the secret to grow our mind ands pirit