I'd like to say that this has been the culmination of years of hard work - but I'd be lying...

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...And lying is something I don't like.
It's indicative of a psychology of a weak person.
It's usage is an expression of weak scared people trying to be clever.
I know, they might very well be 'doing their best with the only tools they have', while trying to navigating the sea of life (one in which they feel utterly adrift), but is that a valid defense?


Having control is (from their point of view at least) , an anchor, a haven, a place where they can momentarily feel safe.
It can only ever be 'moments'.
The safe haven they long for is not to be found in control - quite the opposite - but fear does that to a man.

Fear puts a dark foreboding filter between reality and perception, twisting everything out of all recognition from it's original form.
Just as love does the exact opposite.

Love accentuates everything into a 20/20, uber crystal clear reality.

Love is truth.

Ergo, lies are evil.
It creates a false reality.

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But enough of my quasi philosophical meanderings..back to the posts headline...

I'd like to say that this has been the culmination of years of hard work - but I'd be lying...

I didn't sleep much last night.

For me, this is a very, very, rare occurrence.

I think these lyrics from Sinead O'Connors The Emperors New Clothes' , probably sums up the reason why it to be the case....

I will live by my own policies
I will sleep with a clear conscience
I will sleep in peace...


Last night was a sleepless night.

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Because I had a thought.

More than a thought, more of a....a.....a.....culmination of ideas that I chose to never look directly at.

I do that a lot - consciously absorbing material and then consciously 'putting them on the back burner to simmer away'.

This process is all done with no thought of time, or results..
Just let it simmer, and see what happens...or not.
No biggie.

Last night the subconscious mind came to say 'hello'...

The ideas and thoughts that have been swimming round the old cranium and simmering away for this last 6 or so years, finally came and said 'HI'...

These idea's came into my consciousness , uninvited, and then kind of insisted that I take a look at them.

These ideas are related to what's loosely best described as 'in the area of psychology'.

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..and there it was...In all it's most beautiful glory.
(Ah, bollocks, I'm being dramatic).

..... There was no 'BAM!'

It appeared very quietly, and just sat there in my minds eye, hovering, awaiting my perusal.

The 'BAM!' part came when I came to the realization that this, maybe, could really help a lot of people (and make me wads of cash in the process).

I can't claim any credit for putting this model together - It happened without any conscious input.
It simply presented itself to me, a finished product.
(And in uber 20/20 definition, I can tell you!).

I didn't have to fiddle with it, I just had to look at it.
'It' was perfect.

When I say 'perfect', I'm still looking furiously for errors - but so far, and 5 hours into a conscious dissection of the model, I believe that it is, in fact, perfect....(yeah, this -this - is why sleep has eluded me)...
....And please - no philosophical semantics of the what constitutes 'perfect', and it not really existing - this is not a philosophical post concerning that.

5 fucking hours of sleeplessness, trying to find out where I'm wrong...
Where this model is wrong, flawed, hypocritical, irreconcilable paradox's, etc.....

Nada...nothing...zip...(so far).

So I really can't take any credit for my own 'creation'.
....this is a culmination of a million thoughts and queries into the the field of psychology over this last half decade or more - but the results of it - the model - took zero effort on my part.
Oh well, no biggie.

I'm still gonna take the credit for it though ! lol
It's a product from my cranium, and I own it, ok?

You wanna know the best part?...(for me, anyway)...

....I'll be giving it away for free !
(and in the process, make wads of money).

'Meritocracy in action', as it were.
'How do you make wads of money, by giving something away for free?', you might be asking...

If you ask that, you're asking the wrong question.

As I've reiterated a million times on this platform -
'The answers are easy, asking the right questions is the tricky part'...

How about this statement to clarify things..

'The product is free, and if it helps you, you will have to donate to me.

It's actually IMPOSSIBLE for you to not to donate to me.

If it's helped you, and you choose to not to donate, (as a thank you)...then you have - by definition - not understood, or truly learned, from the model.
Or you are a liar.
Which is fine.
This in itself , acts as an indicator for any reader of 'the model', that they are, in fact, lying to themselves.
It's a pointer...(tip: the more lie to yourself, the unhappier you'll be).

There is no get out clause.

There is no...

'I'll take the knowledge and use it to my advantage without giving the commensurate gratitude, and that's because I'm clever'....

This model does not - CAN NOT - work that way...
Cool, uh?

You cannot 'cheat' me out of anything - only yourself...

If you don't donate (a 'thank you ') it's shows that the product is of no use to you right now.

Which is fine - that's part of the model to.

IF... on the other hand, you do understand the model (onus on me to present it clearly)....and it works for you , you can now understand how being content is not only achievable, but also how you have just embarked on a never ending journey of self learning, fun, and happiness (happiness being one temporary state in the spectrum of 'content').

My model is not some new age 'hippy trippy' BS.

My model has no postmodern lines of ambiguity to infer a lack of intelligence by the reader.
(My model has no 'control element' attached to it).

My model is independent of any theological perspectives that the reader may have, and works seemlesly with any 'spiritual perspectives'. Any. (Atheism included).

My model is a solid - logical - road map.
One that opens up the non logical, non linear, and emotional centers that go to make up 'who we are'.

It matters not if you're spiritually minded, or as pragmatic and stoic as fuck.

It matters not where you are on any ideological spectrum.

My model is a solid - logical- road map, to....enjoying the journey...no matter where you personally are right now on that journey.
Even if you feel like you're not on one.

Psssst... we're ALL on the journey, it's not an 'opt in' scenario.
It starts with being born, and it ends(?), when you die.

The model is simplicity itself.

Getting to grips with it and understanding the beauty of this model...The simplicity of it...
...That's my job.

I'll expand on it once I've tried to dissect it some more - a lot more...there's gotta be a hole in it somewhere, goddammit!....

The difference between idiocy and genius is beyond the blunt measurements of man.

I have no problem with being either - or neither - but if this particular mind model is in the zone of the latter variety - then my 'trying to help' will have been more actualized than I'd ever have thought possible.
(pssst- and I'll make a ton of dosh..)

Or it's idiotic.
No biggie.

*oh yeah, IF this model is correct (still a big 'if, in my mind) then it may just also make a lot of modern psychology and it's methods of helping...pretty redundant....(freud and Jung may find themselves out of work to).

Now there's a statement!

lllp (2) - Copy - Copy.jpg
*This might change, I dunno (but I think not)...this is my initial visualization I had last night that encompasses pretty much everything.
I though I'd draw it out, just in case I fell asleep and ended up forgetting about it!

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