Is it Wrong to Want to be Rich? Answering your Questions

in philosophy •  3 months ago

(I’m going to assume that by “rich” you mean having lots of resources that give you a high net worth.)
Simply wanting to be rich is not in and of itself wrong. The problem is when that desire is your most important desire. Why is that? Well let’s break this down a bit.

Why do you want to be rich? People want to be rich because of what money can do for them. And what is that? With money you can buy things and you can pay people to do things for you. This can bring a lot of pleasure (short term happiness) but by itself it cannot bring you joy (long term happiness)

In other words, you can never be truly happy in the long term with just money. So does that make money bad? No, it is just a tool that you can use.

Your first priority should be to find out how to have long term happiness. Things like family, friends, service, charity, etc. The things that will bring you long term happiness are the ones you should focus on doing.
Having money will not replace any of these things, but it can enhance your ability to do these things more effectively. You can give more to charity or better support your friends and family, you can have time freedom to volunteer more. Get the idea?

Money will not bring you long term happiness but it can be a tool to make your life better. You should first focus on having long term happiness and then when you do get rich, you won’t allow those riches to destroy your life (like many do) but you will use them to enhance your life.

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