The Last Revolution (Part 23)

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The last Chapter of “The Last Revolution” is the most extensive one. This page will be a portal to six principal ideas that will – by the opinion of Ljubodrag Simonovic – be a foundation of a humane New World.

Ljubodrag Simonovic: The Last Revolution


  1. Life-creating mind against destructive mindlessness
  2. The nature of Marx’s critique of capitalism
  3. Marx’s conception of nature
  4. Capitalist exploitation of soil
  5. “Humanism-Naturalism”
  6. Marx and capitalist globalism
  7. The cosmic dimension of man
  8. “Alienation” and destruction
  9. Destruction of the body
  10. Homosexuality
  11. Capitalist nihilism
  12. Productive forces
  13. Dialectics and history
  14. The integration of people into capitalism
  15. Technique as myth: Zeitgeist fascism (Part 15a) •|• Technique as myth: Zeitgeist fascism (Part 15b)
  16. Contemporary bourgeois thought
  17. Politics as a fraud
  18. Contemporary critique of capitalism
  19. Bourgeoisie and proletariat
  20. October revolution
  21. Contemporary socialist revolution
  22. Revolutionary violence
  23. Vision of a future
  24. Notes

The Last Revolution -- Chapter Twenty Three

Vision of a future

(Translated from Serbian by Vesna Todorović/Petrović)

The following are the principal ideas that offer humankind the possibility of
survival and to create a humane world:

  1. Direct democracy;
  2. Production for meeting genuine human needs;
  3. A radical reduction in labor time;
  4. The development of man’s creative being;
  5. The development of interpersonal relations;
  6. The establishment of a humanized relation to nature.

These ideas constitute an integral part of modern visionary thought, and their substantial relevance today lies in their opposition to the totalitarian destructive order that is capitalism, their relation to the very real possibility of global annihilation. They are no longer a libertarian challenge, but, instead, have become an existential imperative.

Welcome to the New World


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