Circle of Life: Causality, Consciousness and Trivium Symbolism - DTube

in philosophy •  2 months ago

The process of Living, how consciousness processes existence in order to manifest more reality in the Wisdom of Right-action, or the foolishness of wrong-action.

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This video is a perfect extension of our conversation on the foundational living video. Thanks for making it shorter, and covering this more in depth.

What I was saying in the other comment section (on the two truths) I can relate now better with the terminology you use here. Those who are farming us hit us constantly with events/stimulation that seeks to put all of our focus on using inductive logic. Creating a box where our foundations are ones built solely (or as close as they can get us on that spot) on the use of inductive forces. In essence, to keep us reacting to a steady flow of experience that keeps us from pausing and examining with a deductive approach.

I talked some of this in my binding posts some time back, although I must admit the charts you made, especially the triangle showing the different starting points aids greatly in envisioning the processes involved.


Glad you are one person who is going through my videos :) It means a lot that someone is ;) Too bad they will be gone from in a month or two. That's what sucks about I'm also uploading to my new youtube channel @

When we fail to use our thinking and logic, the induced information merely gets accepted and we create into reality as they want us to create, according to their script ;)


I appreciate your taking the time to make them. I can't imagine how many hours above the actual shooting of the video it took you. I have marveled before how similar our views are, despite our using different sources to aid us in placing our experiences in context. I am guessing it comes from the 2nd truth level you mention and has a lot to do with intuition.


It comes from consciousness, the internal domain of awareness we all have to varying degrees. To make the infographics, sometimes there are many in a presentation, it can take weeks to brainstorm and come up with ideas to put into visuals. It's a lengthy process. Then the writing or free-style audio, then the video. Lots of work indeed to make my original content ;)

Always in the end , it’s always the survival of the fittest


Well... not what the info is about...