Breaking the Boundaries, Going Beyond

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(The Fruit of Believing in Myself)

Genetic diversity tells us that we possess genes that made us physically different with underlying unique features with one another. 

But does this mean that in terms of psychological approach, we also handle things differently?


Imaginary Boundaries

By experience, it is actually true. We have distinct barriers within ourselves that limit us away from the real version of us. Mindsets perhaps that are actually barricading ourselves away from what we actually can do. 

Who made this possible?

Is it the environment we are in? 

Well,  it could be a factor, but the choice in staying imprisoned lies within our hands. Sometimes, we blame others for our limited capabilities but most of the time, it is actually us in the first place who are disparaging ourselves. 

"I can't do that!  Hell no!"

Yeah ... a typical line that just pops up in our immature way of thinking.  It is actually us who are belittling ourselves. Despite the fact that we don't  even try on doing things, we already have this conclusion that we can't do it. Yes, you can deny that one but it is actually the truth. 

Wake up! 


Breaking the Slavery of Self Undervalue

Yes! Wake up! 

The only one who can get you out from that box imprisoning your mind is you yourself. Choose not to be cornered by your fake version who is falsely accusing you that you can't do it. 

As I have said the environment you are in could be a factor but it is not limited to that. In fact, there could be millions of factors that will never fail to drown you. But let me tell you this ... there is only one YOU that could save yourself out from them. Break them! Be free from the bondage of them!

You are stronger and capable than what you are actually thinking. 


Going Beyond

As far as I know, people hate risks. They fail to see the rainbow after the rain. Prior to this, they settle for less. After realizing that you are far way better than what you think,  you are actually more than ready and prepared to face these challenges. 

Don't settle for less! You deserve more than that! 

Armed with the high level of self-confidence and determination and by believing in yourself ...

... you can do everything. Go beyond! 


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