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Nature has awarded life a lot of beauty, nastiness , and difference. if there is indeed a God , then we ought to have great admiration for his artistic impression, for his thought in how nature would determine character and in how we people would not all look the same but at-torn a certain kind of beauty that sometimes is not only seen by him but by few people.

The amazing expression on parents in an expectation of a child, the painful and yet adventurous nine month that women go through, the first tears of child which insinuate life and yet also portray happiness to the parents and also a sudden realization of a new being that was indeed planned for to exist and not known to humanity but only the supernatural assumption that the universe saw these two people make love and thus this being is given life.

The argument that god is a woman holds its roots on the aspects of the patience and love that women do behold but also the selective artistic admiration that women have.
Creation come to think of it is one of the most mysterious realities that we have failed to construe. the biblical support for this is the fact that Gods ways are not the same as those of man.

My focus is the existences of varieties of differences in people that either attract certain things to him and lead him to a certain path that was actually initially planned for his existence but then only comes into reality with the conformity of the society's endeavors.

Gods bits of wood that he sculptured the whole existence of humanity is the same that he drops off to reassure destruction of what he loves. There is so much beauty is difference, in race in color height and also shape. my assumption is that once all humanity is in one place a picture of awe clouds the atmosphere.
The thought of difference in sex, race and languages is not of obvious entitlement but does have an aspect of beauty.

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