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Hello steemians,

A lot happens usually to humanity but there is a sight of truth that keeps clinging and reflecting on our identities, from dusk till dawn year in and year out humanity grows to like and hate the fact that they live to find out who they are and what purpose life offers them.

We struggle to be someone we believe is us , this sometimes is superiority complex and yet inferiority complex too.
Life has a way of flashing our physical differences into our character behaviour and esteem. It's for this reason that the rich usually have a high self esteem which is at times taken to be pride. The poor on the other hand have low self esteem taken to be shyness.

Life has options but sometimes it makes them for us, no one chooses to be white or black no one chooses all these physical differences. But then we constantly use them to create fractions amongst ourselves. We suffer, don't we, we suffer at literally can never change because we are taken up thinking and using different shades as colour and to create a continuous ego amongst us.

I never see white I never see black I only see a man, a woman. That's is impossible but the colour doesn't speak, The shades differ but the fundamentals being the same.
Try close your eyes and talk to Someone over and over again we recognise them not by colour .


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Thats so very true. Colour is just perception. Thanks @jordanlove