All men are created not equal

in philosophy •  2 years ago

The thought that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, is a perversion of the truth.

While it is certain a chivalrous and noble idea to believe, it is fundamentally flawed. Nature shows us that men differ from birth in capability and intelligence. All organisms have this. Every time new gene pairs are formed they produce different human beings, with some inherently better off surviving than others according to the environment, i.e. natural selection. Otherwise we could have never gotten in the animal ranks where we are today.

A much better sentence to replace "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL" would be "ALL MEN ARE CREATED OF EQUAL WORTH AND ARE EQUAL BEFORE LAW BUT ARE UNEQUAL IN NATURE." It retains nobility but also realism, and it should prevent the slippery slope towards Marxism, but also towards the opposite, Nazism.

Marxists believe all men are equal. Nazis believe all men are totally unequal and should be judged unequally. The truth is a compromise. As Marxists believe that all inequality stems from social-economic factors, they see inequality as an unnatural state, and they believe through class war we can revert to the natural un-tampered state of equality. For Nazis it is the opposite. They see total hierarchy, biological castes and class cooperation as the natural state of man.

While the Nazis are right when it comes to biological and social inequality in the coldest sense, we humans have the capability, to construct on top of that, a social idea of equality. While this may NOT be the natural state of man, it is certainly noble and needed for society to prevent a slippery slope towards Nazism and Feudalism of the past. BUT, it is also needed for society to accept that men are created unequal, to prevent the slippery slope towards Marxism, where we are falling towards today.

It has never been until the arrival of Marxism that people started believing in this "natural equal state of man." Millions upon millions have been killed and died because of it, and still do so today. This Marxist ideology, which reverses the unequal, natural state and advocates class war has been responsible for the largest amount of deaths and genocide the world has seen, and irreversibly, has also caused the rise of Nazism in the past as a reaction to it.

Scumbag Marx

Today, communistic rebel groups in Africa and the Americas still fully believe this perversion of the truth and are operating successfully. They believe any means are justified to revert society back to this "natural state of equality" which they believe in - even if it means killing thousands and destroying the whole organic order of economics that any people may have naturally formed. I will give you a timely example. Today in South Africa, the EFF ("Economic Freedom Fighters - a Communist Black Rebel Group") are preparing a total genocide of the white-Afrikaner and Boer people in South Africa, all because they believe that ALL problems of the black can be solved through the killing of the white.

The worked up black communist fighters from the EFF have been told everything can be solved through the physical removal of white people of Africa.

They openly state that they believe all inequality and suffering is caused by economic oppression and that blacks themselves have ZERO responsibility for any of this, according to them it is all caused by colonization and oppression. This justifies for them their criminal behavior and all their criminal acts. Over 70000 whites have been brutally slaughtered since the end of Apartheid because of it and they will tell you it is not the fault of the black rapist or the black murderer for doing what they did, but it is the fault of the system and you!

Today too we see a total ignorance on natural inequality in Western nations, resulting in them opening their borders to violent and hostile hordes of barbarians pouring in civilized society. We all know this not going to end well.

It's time wake the F up, F the politically correct people, grow some balls and accept the facts as they are.

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