Dissolving Duality - intro post

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Duality is the best part about Existing, but it is also the worst part.

Duality is necessary for our being. If we were not in some ways distinct from the Cosmos, we would have no sense of self.

Duality is necessary for defining our ideas. One can’t have something, without it not being other things.

The experience of good and bad, pain and pleasure, adds color to our human experiences. Presumably, a state of non-duality gets really boring, which is why this place was created.

Duality runs deep. Our minds store concepts, and there is no hard divide between something we think of as bad, and the actual representation of bad. There is a neural association, and each person’s overlaps can be teased out using an Implicit Association Test.

Extremely strong values make it difficult to process information. Instead of being appreciated for its intrinsic value, new information is categorized according to one’s belief system; often times losing its fidelity, its accuracy, in the process.

There are a lot of big divides in human consciousness currently. Science vs. spirituality; left vs. right; pc vs. console gaming. All of these concepts have their own value, and none of them represent complete depictions of Truth.

This post is the start of a series examining different hotly contested ideas, using non-duality to dissolve them into components to which we can all relate, understand, and appreciate.

My background is in cognitive neuroscience, where I studied the mystery of consciousness. Eventually I realized the limitations of empiricism, and started integrating my traditional education with Eastern wisdom. I feel I have a lot to share about understanding how minds (and other bodies!) work, and will be sharing regularly on this steemit account, so please follow!


Hi, starting a blog on duality is an excellent idea. Concerning consciousness, I am recommending this video :
A Brief History of the Study of Consciousness, Stuart Hameroff

All the best

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