"Choose", to be happy, to be free of burdens.

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Life goes on..jpg

Despite all the trials and tribulations in and around our lives,
Life goes on. There is peace to be had, if we just look
For it in the right places. You don't need a fancy car
Or a penthouse suite, you don't have to have a
Huge bank account. Happiness is a state of
Mind, and you can choose to be happy, or
Not. Your choice. Having some of those
Things is nice, but they inevitably are
Linked to a lot of stress, and lots of
Burdens that will be a barrier to
Your Happiness. Choose to be
Happy... in the simplest
Way, inside your own
Mind and in your
Heart. Choose.
Jerry E Smith

These .gifs were created for me by @coquiunlimited; many thanks


Sir I love your post, in the previous one, you talked about 'choosing wisely' and now to choose happiness, now you have make known to me that in all that happens to us it is as a result of our choice. What we accept and who we associate with. Sir more inspiration sir.

Thank you @elmanuel, I write like it is easy, but it is not. I struggle with it daily, I rant and
Scream at circumstance that is pretty much beyond my control, knowing it will not
Have any effect other than make me hoarse and lose my voice. So often it
Seems that I make two steps forward then fall 3 steps back.
Yet, I will continue, I will do my best within my
Means to be a good person and to
Help those around me with
Fairness and Love.

nice post. may we live happily always

If only it were that easy @salyannur, and really in many ways, it is.
Thank you for commenting.

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